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Dj Vlado @ Pukka Music / Top 10 for Oct 2004

djvlado Oct 21, 2004

  1. djvlado

    djvlado Junior Members

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    ...here are some tracks that i found really exciting and they definatelly rock the floor...

    1 Z Machine - No Complication

    killer unreleased track from Z Machine.to me it reminds me like old very good infected track ,also a fat bass line which takes everyones attention ...

    2 Delta - As a child / X - Noize rmx

    You all very well know the original and you know is a bluster.well this is even fatter and its got few samples added.basiclly this is the production that fits with the music... and ..... ahhh that old skool feel to it

    3 Cosmosis / Dead or Alive

    This track is coming up on the next Phantasm comp. and what can i say.It's a really good track.Not always i choose Cosmosis but now...WOW ...pure uk psychedelia ...

    4 Zen Machanics / Chasing Spacecrafts

    More storming tracks coming up from Holland.This one is coming on Sphere Rec. and its a bluster.Pure morning day uplifiting psychedelia...highly recomened ...

    5 Sirius Issnes - Psychedelic Love Story

    Really really nice ... i would say summer music.Percussion,groove,melody...enjoyment...

    6 Space Budha - Silent Galaxy

    Full on morning psychedelia.Also very nice intro and break.The flute literally softens whatever beast u have inside you ...

    7 Hujaboy - Conquest

    This is also not always my choise for music but this track it just rips you off.Night twisted music with much better production and arrangments and i can just say- hujaboy -keep on going this way ...

    8 Orion - Universal Ping Pong

    This is what we say full on Orion but still that calmness inside the music.Wonderfull.really nice morning day,stylish ....

    9 Siver Surfers - Chemical State

    Deep floating space feel.Nice production and definatelly good for a change.Seems like another good act coming through to us ...

    10 Ferbi Boys - Jumping Beans

    Night stormer that gets everyone going.Full fat sounds and constant roll. This track comes out on Compact and Proton so you must have it ...

    well there you go ... im not an amazing short explanation writer but i hope that'll be enough for you so you can get an idea of what's what .... all the best and keep an eye for next moth ...
  2. Crispy

    Crispy Fried for too long

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    oright dude

    hope alls well!

    mmmmmm... this is phat
    heard this at boom and omni...

    any release date?
  3. Geoff3

    Geoff3 Direct DJ

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    This one:

    5 Sirius Issnes - Psychedelic Love Story

    Jumped back out at me the other day it is lush!!!
    and it helped me fill an annoying gap in a set between two other tracks. Perfect Summer track like you say, shame not summer anymore, but its getting a play!

    Loving some Z Machine tracks too... Drinks Dreams is awesome!
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