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elesdifrend Mar 31, 2004

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    Hi my name is Marco and i am a dj and part of Psychedelic Nomads which is a dj and deco team here in Costa Rica we have good contacts to chaishop and other artists and dj´s so fell free to contact us for bookings or any info you need at

    Our specialty is psychedelic music going from psychedelic ambient and world music to psychedelic goa trance and anything in between! we make partys since 1998 here in Costa Rica!
    We like a lot that at our party´s the intention is to give the listener a present with quality music! the finest trance only! and the partys are mostly outdoors!
    So feel Free to contact us for bookings, info for partys in Costa Rica, any kind of travelling info in and around Costa Rica or just to make friends!!!!!

    love and light!!!!
    Marco :shrooms: :speaker:
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