DJ's Riddle Me This...

I don't. I may have a few fave tracks of the moment that I'll fit in when it feels right, but apart from that, I just work on the feedback from the crowd. :Wink3:
Nah, maybe take a selection of tunes for consideration to play, but that's about it. If you prepare a set, and then a DJ on before you plays one of the tracks that you were gonna play, sort of makes things a bit Pete Tong. Tried planning a set once way back about 7 years ago before a gig, but it just didn't feel right :Smile3:
i sometime build the set and veigly work around it, i normally have the first 4 tunes written down. i havnt actually learnt how to read the croud yet seeing that i always play first on fushion theres never anyone on the floor ( im not quite sure if its me or not :S )

do any you guys have a certain method to picking your tunes? i know a few people have sets of 3 tunes that they remember, i always have a problem remembering the tunes though :S

rob :Grin:
Just learn 'em, also get a feel for the artists/labels etc and what kind of style they have, and then mix 'n' match at home before going out to play :Wink3: :peace:
I lik to grab 15 mins b4 my set to go through and pull out the tracks I think are going to fit right with the vibe along with the ones that I know I want to play so that once I'm mixing most of the tunes are easily available. I also write notes about new tracks on a piece of paper so even if I can only remember vaguely what they sound like I've got a pretty clear description of what they sound like/do. No substitute for knowing your tunes inside out tho....
save your silliest cover versions till the end, and dont blow your wad too early.
I just try and structure the set a bit and get harder and faster towards the end.

If using new CD's that I have listened to only once or twice but want to play them, I will put a note in the CD case such as 'play near end'.

If it's an important gig I sometimes pre-plan the first 3 tunes to give me time to get used to the equipment. :juggle:
I've done it all kinds of ways. e.g. My set at PsyProject was largely pre-planned, but my set at Psybernetic recently wasn't at all. I didn't even know which track I was going to put on 1st before I opened my CD case.

Why pre-planned at PsyProject? 'Cos the construction of it was so complicated. There were a lot of different styles and sounds. If I'd got it wrong, it would have sounded terrible. Psybernetic was more of a journey, so easier to do.

I write notes and give scores on neat little bits of paper which go with the individual CD sleeves in the case. They can be very useful. Cheating? Nah, I don't think so 'cos it helps my performance, which can't be bad. :Smile3: