DJ's want your mixes hosted?

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I'm touching myself as I write this post.
I spotted a couple of threads recently where DJ's on the forum were having trouble getting their mixes put online.

Thought I'd offer my services (free of charge natch) if anyone has produced a mix and doesn't know where/how to host it I'm happy to stick a few on Just send it to me on CDR and I'll do the rest (until my bandwidth runs out).

If anyone is interested then PM me, my webspace is generous but not infinite so it might have to be first come first served.
I'm interested, but does it have to be psy related?

I've got a soul/funk one needing some hosting :Smile3:
I'd rather keep it Psy related, variety is the spice and all that but I have heard of people getting done for hosting mixes but at least with Psy at the moment its kinda acceptable - other genres maybe less so (and I don't really want to guinnea pig it).
Just PM'd ya. :Wink3: