DMMT - Africa Bombastic


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Cape Town

1 ) First Drag
A fast one to start off. Groovy track. The cymbals are a nice touch. 8/10

2 ) Rock 'n Roll
Cool synth. This track should keep the dark fans going. 8/10

3 ) Black Pearl
Almost expect the Beastie Boys to start rapping at any second, maybe that is just me. Very similar to what Damage did on his cd, but with less vox. I really like this. 9/10

4 ) Dazed & Confused
This almost has a HOUSE sound, but then it goes away. What I am of course referring to is the sound clip used in this track. It is quite amusing. Then the psychedelica takes it HIGHER! A real stomper! 8/10

5 ) Real Men Don't Dance
Funny track name and vox. This track sounds familiar...DMMT must have played this at one of the parties. I love that bloody sound! 9/10

6 ) Jacob's Ladder
More funny vox. Nice space sounds, I am flying. I love that "gritty" sound that gets used in this track. Yummy. Oh my, these guys are using all the cool psy sounds in one track. I am actually feeling dizzy. This is a weird track...but I like it. 9/10

7 ) Break on Thru
The Doors! DMMT understands psychedelica and it shows in this track. Twisted! 9/10

8 ) Passion
Beautiful melody...and guitar plus classical piano. Stunning sound! 9/10

9 ) No Point of Return
A great track to stomp and loose yourself to. 8/10

10) Africa Bombastic
African psytrance. Home grown, the good shit. 8/10

11) 21 Grams
Was expecting a slow down in tempo, but no 145bpm. This track would not be lost in the DARK hour. This ends in a way that you can tell it is the end of the album. sob 9/10

(South African Rand) R99.00, very good value. Quite a few tracks are shorter than 7 minutes, strange. The shortest track is 6:34. This is a brilliant album. I must admit I didn't enjoy their stuff about a year ago, but they have really amazed me on this album and at the Groovy Troopers (rooftop) party. Overall 9/10


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Africa Bombastic
Freefall (South Africa)

I’ve only just become aware of this one but – in two words - bloody hell. Two more words: bloody HELL! Fluidly solid psychedelic trance, with depth and excitement, great sounds and a couple of upbeat cover versions quietly thrown in. First Drag has such a nice sound to it, the sort of sound you want to immerse yourself in completely, like a supermodel’s thighs. There’s a strong vibe of a tight energy busting at its own seams, making for a nicely hypnotic little boogie. Rock n’ Roll is a belter – there’s an incredible little drag on the end of the bassline that, along with plenty of deep reverb, gives an extra dimension. There’s fantastically tight escalation, with interesting noises, and plenty of changes – all without going too full-power-screech. And it fucking works. As does Black Pearl, a finer example of semi-dark psytrance I am hard-pressed to name. Once again the sounds are great (non-derivative, exciting, and tightly-produced), and once again there’s a rare magnetism in the music that keeps you focussed. Dazed And Confused features a couple of (frankly rather overdue) samples from the Led Zep tune of the same name: erring on the right side of cheese as it does so. It’s a gnarly, fast-paced but of cheeky psytranceadelica, not too manic or parvati-bothering. Impressive and cheekily quirky, with more snippets of songs than you can possibly keep count of. Real Men Don’t Dance sees things take a turn for the darker, with that scratchy SA sound coming out of the forests to chase you. It’s tightly done, with a very smooth energy making it sound organic rather than forced, with a final run that’ll have you creaming your pants (or your money back). As you may expect from the track title, Jacob’s Ladder pops another dose into your cup of tea and makes things more interesting and colourful still – the sounds here are nothing short of breathtaking, and the energy is just out of this world. You would be kidding yourself if you said that Break On Through, complete with cheeky Jim Morrison samples used to superlative effect, was the best track on the album – but it’s jolly good fun. Passion, on the other hand, is downright f*ing good music. Sounding like it could be the ‘guitar track to end all guitar tracks’ ™, it chucks I a classical music break, throws in loads of effects, flirts with a cheesy bassline before correcting the balance with a shitkicking middle run. No Point Of Return takes the foot off the pedal a little, with more space in the music and a bubbly psychedelia winning over the frenetic rhythm section. Africa Bombastic sounds a little like Juno’s Jungle High remixed by Azax & Toxic, with some more cheeky samples that are simply fucking delicious. Finally, 21 Grams closes the album in a seriously loud stylee – mentalist, full-throttle psychedelic trance. Phew. At the end of the day, this is a serious album. It’s interesting, it’s exciting and it takes a good few listens before its depth really tarts to grow on you. Superlative stuff.


Review by Damion @ Psyreviews Dot Com


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landan init , UK
i only just got this after coming back from india - but this is fukin awesome - very much looking forward to more stuff - no cheese in here, and very fresh ideas and sound :Smile3: full power and all that shit....


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yuh excellente indeed :Smile3:

phatty basslines..... favourite track- numero uno :Smile3: