Do I reaaaly have to?



Living in the bushes at the foot of Table Mountain I get to see all sorts of strange and funny things, but this new phenomenon called PsyTrance is the strangest yet!

Young people dressed in funny outfits (many of them looking much worse than me), jumping around to even funnier music...they must be possessed!

Nah, seriously.

I live in South Africa (Obviously) the Outdoor Trance Party capital of the world!

I don't really know what to say...I'm into Trance or shall I be more specific by saying Psy-trance.

Ask me questions, and I'll answer them...

Hi dude!


You'll find this a very friendly place.

And it's fun meeting people at parties, but we in the UK ain't likely to be meeting you for a while.

There are some fantastic parties advertised, and reminisced over, on this forum. Please tell us about the ones you go to in South Africa. Hope you enjoy the site.

Pete :sonne: :partysmi:
Thanks for the warm welcome all! :Grin:

I'm not too interested in the Brit party scene, for obvious in SA and all...

I guess I'll get more satisfaction out of the interaction with Trancies from another part of the world.

...Our similarities, our differences -> things like that.

I'm @ work at the mo, so I'll just post this reply and log off.
OG Pete, I'll be back this evening to check out those parties you're talking about!