does anyone know japanese?


i'm looking to get japanese symbols for some english words. does anyone know a good website to do this? or can they help me translate?
cheers :Grin:


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I have a page in my leaver book from secondary school which my japanese friend wrote and she wrote the english words and the translation if thats any help


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Eeerm - "good luck in your fortune"

and "sok mei tang"

that was her name - sok mei tang - herhehehe

She played the piano at grade 1000 and smoked 40 a day

There you go alex, a day in the life of someone you have never and will never meet.




sok mei tang? really?! hehehe. no offense or nowt, but that is a pretty funny name.
thanks for that Cari.


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one of my mates at work is Japanse, but she's not back in the office 'til next week. If you still need any help then just let me know :Smile3:


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i seem to remember there being a website that would translate words into symbols for ya when i was doing my art foundation but i really can't remember what it was cos that was a few years ago now, there should be something out there on the net though, im sure....


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in fact, it might have had something to do with tattoos (y'know people wanting chinese/japanese symbols but not wanting the tattooist taking the piss and just writing egg fried rice for shits and giglles)


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I can speak Japanese. Here you are:
[font='&#65325]木   思い出 the first one is ki which means tree, the second one is omoide which is memory[/font]


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yeah man...
I have a BA(HONS) in Japanese,
im married to a Japanese..

i reckon I could probabally sort you out :Grin:


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Hi Alex. I hope you remember me. I saw you Echo System last weekend. I don't think you still look this thread. But just being nosy. I'm Japanese, so I know Japanese. Memory in Japanese is KIOKU or OMOIDE. If you need to know it more, just ask me when you see me. I'll write down it for you. Love'n light A