DOOF new sub label DOOFLEX - VA: Point of View

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1. Pgneofu!!onptechtranz - Psypilot (Roberto Filaferro)
2. Strange Days - Quantize (Reshef Harari & Adi Ashkenazi)
3. Infinity (RMX) - Blanka (Dubi El-kayam)
4. Tatiana - U-Reken (Yaniv Ben-Ari)
5. V.T.V - Blanka (Dubi El-kayam)
6. Love Thing - Mind Complex (Blanka Edit) (Gleb Gold)
7. Sahara - Zion (Hagai Asulin)
8. Blitz - Quantum (Gidi Snapir)
9. Once In a Life Blanka (Mind Complex RMX) (Dubi El-Kayam & Gleb Gold)

As part of the trance scene progression, and the evolution in the musical
taste of some of their home artists. DOOF Records present their musical
offspring - DOOFLEX. This new sub label will be dealing with quality dance
floor music presenting different genres of mother trance. The opening note of this expedition into the vast trance landscapes is this new release.
"Point of View" has been compiled by Blanka, showing his point of view of
what dance floor music should sound like, and by this giving us a glimpse and a deep breath on his second album. Point of View sits on the interface
between progressive, full-on and psy, taking a bit of each to create this new sound, known by some as NeoFullOn. All artists have managed to totally soak their tracks in big, phat grooviness and smooth crystal clear production.
It just can't get any better.

Expected release Date: 14.02.2005


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nice to see you releasing at a steady rate, keep it up!