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I searched and got bored so if this is old news who cares.

I'm 23. I download the odd thing and often buy legal copies of previously downloaded stuff. I work as a dj but rarely DJ downloaded music (except at silly parties/house parties etc prefering to play tracks by friends or from my main collection. I'm not an expert but an educated kinda guy and want to put some basic ideas out there to provoke discussion. This is a one sided essay that invites a similar argument from the other side.

I feel that illegal downloading and burning give young people access to a wider variety of music and the chance to instantly follow new interests in new sounds to their logical conclusion. I think it spreads interest in acts that would otherwise be unknown. I think it is the most positive thing to happen to the music world since the arrival of pop in the days of Frank Sinatra and co.

I have worked for a trance record label and seen that the target audience are the most download savvy among those who listen to the music: DJs. I have also seen that the main effect of this has been that sales have dropped and the pressure to perform has moved labels away from releasing daring music leading to a homogenisation of the total output of the labels. I refuse to accept that this is a negative process. Musicians have always made more and less experimental tracks. Some for money, some for kudos some for personal satisfaction. This is part of the professional artist's lifestyle.

I feel that artists have reacted to this process by assuming that this is an expression of the will of party goers and music lovers in general rather than the balance of influence by DJs and A&R people. They have lost faith in the average party goer's musical taste when really the average party goer doesn't buy the cds and so is not having any influence on the market led trends in label output.

I think that the downloading scene (not that I have any personal experience of the more hardline soulseek type trading) opens up a new seam of exploration in the place of the old one that it closed. As an artist I like to think that I will be paid the going rate for releases but would not be upset to know that for every copy of my track that is bought 10 are downloaded. In the same way I am happy to know that there are those who will pay to download a clean, legal, safe copy of a track but will not moralise about those who feel they can't afford to or don't want to. There is a considerable grey area relating to intellectual property in dance music and this makes debate all the more important.

I know how freely labels give away cds to their friends and to djs. I see downloading as an extension of this. If I were still working in labels I would seek to meet the changing market by releasing cds that have more appeal to the non dj, home listener. I would base my more straightforward dance music income around Artist live bookings.

I think that anyone who is producing fresh new style music with unique approach and a polished sound that can be listened to at home could expect to clean up over the next year or two.

mad ron said:
I think that anyone who is producing fresh new style music with unique approach and a polished sound that can be listened to at home could expect to clean up over the next year or two.
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mad ron

6 reading it and just a pissed up city slicker replying. yes the revision has been going really badly georgie. you do the math (chemistry).
Very well put together piece. I even agree with you on many issues just happens..:iyes:

Never down loaded a note in my life tho, but then I'm not as smitten as most.

The one thing that pisses me off more than anything is playing it to an audience over a good sound system at a party, It just doesnt have it.....:grandad: :grandad: "thou shalt not fuck up my party with your murky shit"