Record Label Dragonfly Recordings

I've used them in the past and just recently thing i've noticed there webiste especially the online shop .....hasn't been up graded .
They were great at getting me hicksville :Smile3:, they failed to deliver dub trees :Sad: - <blag>I only have a few shitty mp3s of that album, I want to get my hands on a copy</blag>
dont know whether your still interested, got one last copy of Dub Trees left, its out of print now and there are a few rumours hanging around about Dragonfly recordings!!!! If your interested the price is £13.99 plus pp, alternatively if you live near southampton we are at Eastleigh market on a Thursday and Saturday.

Lonnie n Steve
well, just to let you know that alls well on the dragonfly front. wonder what the rumours are ??? love to hear them !!!
anyhow - sorry the shop hasn`t been updated for a while. we outsource the shop to another secure company and they have to update the releases and out of stock stuff. also, Dub Trees was out of print. Now fully restocked and available from the website !
Loads of new stuff on the Dragonfly horizon. New compilations - from all 3 labels.
keep your comments coming.
Cheers for that, its good to know :Grin:
We have done a fair few festivals this summer and have had a few people in probably more speculating than actually being in the know, mainly about some stuff being out of print when they are really good compilations etc, and not being able to get hold of them, worried that they may not have another chance.
In this day and age when so many good labels have hit the wall, people get worried that there favourite labels etc are going to have the same demise, and its good to get it from the horses mouth, cheers again.
Actually humph if you read this, you might want to know that your site completely kills my linux box - quite an achievement... last, thanks to the nice people at Mezzanine Dream I have the Dub Trees, album. Thanks Lonnie and Steve. Thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for cds.
Working on updating and redesigning the Dragonfly website, as time allows.
Had a burst on it recently, please go check out the developments and give us some feedback. Its been out of my hands all this time but now I'm on it.
And there's always the butterfly net ( for Dragonfly, LSD and Kamaflage news as it happens. I'll see what i can do with the online shop too...
oi dusk, y does it say that Aphid Moon is playing at my party on September 18 in London, when he isn't?!!!