droidlock - elefantronica

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
from what I've heard it sounds pretty hard in places.....quite a solid kick and bass but defo some twisties in there for ya Jon :Wink3:


on the playa now

sounding nice

good acid lines, not hard, but banging, and intelligent

enjoyable :Smile3:

not dissapointed, was looking forward to it, maybe not play a lot of it out but some nice glidey, rolling tunes :Smile3:

7.8/10 :Wink3:


Direct DJ
Was a bit disapointed by some of his earlier stuff , he had a couple of good 12"s on Dragonfly with some other geezer, but some of it sounded so Hollow and 2Dimensional!
So avoided this, Any big improvements?


hugoblin said:
very good production, but serously medody driven which usually makes me back right off. am yet to give it a all the way though listen as i bought lots of other ones which go bleep bleep blap argggghhh lots! CPC <--- WOWSA


lost souls depot......raaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh

track 5 + 8 - WOOT! yes please, spank me harder!!!!

think that deserves a badger :badger: