Drone / Beatless / Ambient

Need to see him live again soon , last time I saw the orb live was on Hastings peir in the pissing rain before happy Mondays , was the best vibe , kipped in the van with the wife and a bought a shirt for a fiver, good times ?

The Caretaker - Everywhere at the End of Time

A concept album about dementia, weighing in at 6 and a half hours . The beginning starts off quite light and nostalgic with music sampled from Al Bowlly with a light static background noise and as the album goes on the static background sounds becomes louder as you descend into the abyss of this disease. Harrowing, humbling and also appreciative.
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Having been very privileged to hear a pre-release copy of this album, I can tell you that it really is a masterpiece.
'The Girl With Nine Galaxies' by Why Dragon will be released on Monday (4th October).
Here is a little taster of the ambient lushness to be found in this album.

such a great piece of work , had become bored of the Ultimae sound for a long time , finding my way back with this one
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Lingua Lustra , not listened in a while, weren't they something to do with Mauxuam ? anyways will take a listen thx
Earlier this year I discovered the Cities and Memory website, which invites amateur and professional sound enthusiasts from around the world to submit field recordings for their map of noise. Some are turned into tunes by musicians involved, albeit with explicit permission from the owner when it is not their own sample. I have popped over to their Bandcamp page occasionally ever since to work through some of the results, all of which have been NYP so far - currently I am listening to the Inferno collection, which was curated from a bigger project inviting submissions to honour the seven hundredth anniversary of The Divine Comedy. There is a diverse range of styles and approaches, from straight-up tuneage to sound collage and spoken word, so not all of it is strictly ambient, but from what I have heard so far, the majority falls into that camp.

I was thinking that @bez23 and @kihrjil in particular might like to have a look around - beyond the love of music we all I have, I mean - Bez because he is prone to getting his mic out every so often, Kihrjil because art/ambient/interesting projects etc.

Examples of work:

I like how this one from Inferno starts off very subdued with whispering and birdsong, but develops into Emeralds-like wall of glistening sound.

Nice slice of accompanied spoken word from The Chimes - I never imagined the labyrinth of water pipes that connect a city before.

Lovely piece with piano loop sampling Taiwanese field recordings from their 2021 comp.

You get the idea. :Smile3: