Drugs Should Stay Illegal?


:irofl: no1 got any opinions on this? thats gotta be a first....or maybe its just that this is a bit to pro-anti-drugs?

I have noticed that any thread that seems to be anti-drugs, or promoting a balanaced discussion of drugs rather than a pro-drugs stance dies pretty quickly on here, I think thats pretty sad really....

I've got lots of opinions on this subject, but if no1 wants talk :irolleyes:


yodhe said:
Which drugs?
What are drugs?

But no one should tell you or control one own biochemistry.
The deal is that you are responsible for all your own actions.

I agree.

Actually its not really just about drugs is it, I think the law should be got rid of totaly, and people should be 'punished' in response to the consequences of their actions
I haven't got time to post a full reply just now, so I'll confine myself to just a few remarks.

Prohibition is a disaster. It has NEVER worked - anywhere, or at any time. It is deeply socially devisive, is outstandingly damaging to peoples health, gives rise to the 3rd biggest industry in the world today, is the greatest favour ever given to organised crime, and is unbelievably expensive.

Of all social policies today, it's just about the worst. IMO those who have legislated for it are guilty of neglect at best, and criminal negligence at worst.

It hasn't even succeeded in its declared aim of reducing use. In fact, the reverse is the case. The entire system is a complete and utter nonsense.

If I could use stronger words than I have, I would. There is absolutely nothing good about it whatsoever...




Professionally fluffy
Make em all legal, and prosecute people when they misbehave, on drugs or not.

e.g. Smack addict who pays for drugs out of wages - free person!
Smack addict who robs old ladies to pay for drugs - punished the same as other robbers. The fact that they were motivated by drugs is inconsequential. That was their choice.

No drug causes people to behave antisocially, but many exaggerate people's behaviour. It is the individual's responsibility to know whether a drug is bad for them or not.


God mintsmak
Think of all the locally grown produce that'd be getting displayed at flower shows and farmers markets or just swapped between friends able to grow all they needed. :Smile3:


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yodhe said:
But if we made them legal,
Think of all the friends and dealers we would put out of business.

They would be able to proudly set up shops (or as Grokit says, market stalls).

More importantly, drug dealing would effectively be segregated from other organised crime. This would have huge positive impact in all the nations from where drugs are imported here.
And, rather than sending the boys round when you are late paying, your dealers will simply send you a reminder invoice.


yodhe said:
But if we made them legal,
Think of all the friends and dealers we would put out of business.

Every tom dick and harry starts shifting acid and crack off of stalls in camden like with the mushrooms, people get pissed off,and they get illegalised again....


Doctor Dan
drugs should stay illegal!!!
if they became legal u would have more problems... look at alcohole
ok making em legal u could control th e fact that less crap goes in them.
mind u saying that, it could have the effect of if they became legal people might get bored with them and not do them....

i dunno, its a situation that i think is way out of our hands.

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miszt said:
I agree Barclay, but as the problem with Alchol and Nicotine shows, legalisation doesnt help either...

Good, good, a debate :Smile3:. Challenge me as much as you like. I like to have my arguments tested.

The problems with alcohol and nicotine would be worse if they were prohibited. The obvious example of that is the prohibition era in the States.

I'll also give you a practical example of how much worst prohibition of alcohol and nicotine would be. One of the effects of prohibition is that it can make people reluctant to get medical advice and treatment... Nuff said?

Then there's all the other stuff, like...

Denial of personal freedom
Criminalising a huge proportion of the population
Placing huge amounts of money in the hands of organised crime
Substances tainted with nasty things like anti-freeze = no quality control
Billions spent on enforcement
Tax revenues lost
Massive increase in crime - gang wars for sure
A lot more people would die early deaths

The fact of course is that prohibition doesn't decrease usage. The prohibited drugs market is pretty much at saturation point as it is - despite draconian penalties. I see no reason to suppose that prohibition of alcohol and nicotine would have much of an effect on consumption, especially as prohibition hasn't worked in any other areas where it's been applied.




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I believe that what you put into your body should be your own choice, that you should held accountable for your actions is the main thing.I find it ridiculous that there are many plants found growing naturally on this planet which are illegal, that someone who suffers from a dehabilitating illness and smokes weed to help with the pain should be criminalised. Ive learnt so much from certain substances that have given me new perspectives on life and taken me on journeys where ive learnt so much about who i am but im a criminal for doing so?! Obviously drugs arent for everyone but most of us are responsible adults, capable of making decisions and should be allowed to make that choice without the risk of a prison sentence.

Sturdy Pete

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another problem with illegality is that when people first try something - they've crossed the line, borken the law - they are a "druggie".. once the line is crossed, they wonder what all the fuss was about, a few spliffs never did anyone any harm!!

skip on a few months/years, and said person now actually has a problem, and should be doing something about. however society decided that they were in the wrong when they first *used* the drug, rather than now they are *abusing* it..

we need a shift towards use (of any substance) being socially/legally acceptable, and abuse NOT being acceptable..

(hope that makes sense...)


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i personnally think that some sort of legalisation is the way forward but in order to camdem market and like places selling them on street corners ( ie mushrooms when they were legal )you should have to buy them from licenced dealers.
Yeah, like off-licences and pubs do right now. Place an age restriction on it. Win the support of the public with sensible education, and licencing arrangements, bring in quality control - weights and measures, tax it - and bob's yer uncle. Job done.

Or at least it ought to be that straight forward...