Drugs Should Stay Illegal?


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inside miszt's head
I'm not convinced that legalisation will solve any of the problems we have now with drugs, except making drug users non-criminals, which is a plus...i guess

Education is needed for everyone, and a new system of law which involves personal responsability for your actions and risks that you take, if you make a choice to take MDMA, you accept the risk to yourself, if you deciede to drive at the same time, your risking other peoples lives, which is not acceptable...surely this is a much better way to deal with 'crime'?


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if you find out can you tell me
personnally i can't see drugs ever be accepted by the general public due to untold years of percecution. just what what out cry there was when they were talking about downgrading cannabis.

things like that are bound to lead to harder things but only if you let them, sadly you may not be at an age where is apropriate for you to make that decision and make light of it and thats where things tend to go wrong.
of course imo its always inportant to know and understand your limits, course im still trying to find mine out, (cough cough ).:ibiggrin: