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Hi I'm fred I've been mixing collecting drum + bass for ten years. Have played on pirate radio
+ done a dj slot up at the scala back in 2001. then I started creating music through technology course at the british academy of new music + have been studying for 3 years there now.
I pick up the harder hardcore sounding new drum + bass with the odd promo thrown in.
I tend not to play what everyone else is playing + will always come up with something different. My mixing is tight + tune selection is heavy + atmospheric. I have been doing old skool hardcore 90-93 mixes + just finished a 94-95 mix.
Is there somewhere I can send you a demo to listen to I want to get working again as I have a good 4 new sets + 3 old skool sets which are defo doin the business for me.


Welcome dude to a PSYTRANCE forum !!!!

Good luck with the D'n'B and college :Grin:


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HElllo oooo oooooo

I' love a bit of drum and bass when i need a good release at the weekend....

Welcome welcome :bananada: :bananada: :bananada: :bananada: