DuBsTeP ... 140bpm ... w/ a twist of psychedelia


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Dorchester, MA
please listen to this track!
i wrote / produced it last week & finished mastering it today...


140 bpm / 4.99 MB / 128kbps

this track contains samples of:::
*ice cubes bouncing within my glass
*the pouring of my morning coffee
*bats making a ruckus in a cave*a gagged man trying to talk
*a 1956 Alfred L. Kroeber lecture on sexuality
*the scraping of a piano string with a saw

**nigel :shrooms:
i like that lots. got some really nice transitions in it. you never get bored.
i got a bit confused around 1:10 when the skank wasn't in key with the bassline, but came back and made sense at 1:30...
i've got an unfortunate sense of conventionality, but i'm working on it...
yeah-- transitions are key.
for almost every genre with the exception of the most minimal house, trance, etc ... and of course minimalist music like reich / glass ... in which the point of the piece is to strictly NOT have transitions but instead slowly morph over time.

but in cases like these, to have the same loop repeated over time without any variation equals inherent boredom!!

which is why killer pockets of psy-trance need to shift after no more than a few minutes else the same groove gets tired and loses effectiveness quick.