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Bit of A Sales Blurb Taken From Trance Shop..... Powerful Tracks From Dynamic and Eskimo!

Phantasm Records
Dynamo - The Acid Daze (CD)

Cataloge #: PTMCD153CD

1.Here they come
2.In the Igloo
5.Into the magic
6.Maniac Saiko
7.Spun dry
8.The acid daze
9.Say you love me

Style: Psytrance
Release: Coming soon

DYNAMIC are Shay Elmakies & Ben Avital, Phonokol's permanent crew members and one of the most promising & admired Israeli trance groups emerging from the evolving Israeli trance scene. Since their signing to Phonokol in late 2002, the boys reached many great achievements & enjoyed world wide support of leading trance DJ's (I.e. Raja Ram, GMS, Alien Project, Astral Projection & Eskimo to name a few) who embraced them as one of the best new arrivals to the global trance scene. Over a relatively short period of time, they have reached unprecedented success with the release of their own artist album - Dynamix. Their tracks are on most of the major trance compilations around the world, including tracks on TIP World, SPUN Records (USA), Zoom (Switzerland), several Japanese compilations and a long list of other projects including re-mixing tracks of many major artists.
ESKIMO aka DJ Junya has been around psychedelic music all his life. His father runs the much respected Phantasm and Psychic Deli Labels in the UK, as well as fronting seminal psy trance outfit Mindfield. A familiar face on the UK trance scene and one of the most sought after trance artists on the scene today. His list of achievements include blistering live sets at all of the top trance events across the globe, killer tracks on the hottest compilations and awesome collaborations with the some of the scenes best known names. Due to his massive underground hits such as his voodoo people and fire and ice remixes, he has become the name on everybody's lips.


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hmmmmm, to be honest i'm not as excited about this as i would have been a year or so ago. i'm a bit "over" eskimo these days, and have never been that into dynamic. would love to be proved wrong about this, though :Smile3:
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dynamic played some tunes in his live in grenoble that could only have been dynamo - not that id play one, but all i can say is they were damn good for tripping to