Dynaudio BM15 Studio monitors 4 sale

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Hi there,

The time has come when I have to let go of my treasured Dynaudio monitors.

They are in excellent condition, I've had them for a couple of years now, and they cost a not-insignificant £1000 when I got them.

These speakers are exceptionally detailed in the high and mid frequencies, which is of topmost importance if you want to clarify your mixes. Basicaly if its there, you'll hear it in these monitors. They have a very powerful sound, gorgeous deep luscious bass. In fact just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes that I have to sell them!

They are ideal near-field and mid-field monitors and are rated up to 1K per channel, peak.... altho I've used them fine with a 75W per channel amp.

As used by Infected Mushroom, Sub6, to name but a few, so if they're good enough for them, they're definately good enough for us mere mortals...

I've advertised them elsewhere, but i'll let them go to a good home here on the forum for the lovely sum of £500, and no offers now. I'm dropping the price as I haveto sell them now.

And that folks, is, as they say, a deeeel.

p.m. me or email for enquiries. remember to include your email address for replies!

You're welcome to come over and test them out, I may deliver them depending on where you live and how good your tea and biscuits are. :Grin:
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>~~~~Read a Review Here~~~~</span>

<!--aimg--><a href='http://www.bayviewproaudio.com/images/dyna_bm15_m.jpg' target='_blank'><a href='http://www.bayviewproaudio.com/images/dyna_bm15_m.jpg' target='_blank'> </a><!--Resize_Images_Hint_Text--><!--/aimg--></a><!--Resize_Images_Hint_Text--><!--/aimg-->

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>The BM15 is the largest and most powerful speaker within the BM Passive range and is designed for any studio application where higher sound pressure levels and extended low frequence response are required. Its astonishing power handling and full range extended bass response makes it the perfect alternative to wall mounted main monitors, particularly for commercial studios, project studios and post production facilities.

- Unique linear phase and frequency response.
- Every monitor matched to any other monitor within ± 1.5dB.
- 28mm ESOTEC soft dome tweeter with aluminum voice coil.
- 240mm magnesium silicate impregnated polypropylene (MSP) bass driver with exceptionally large 100mm aluminum voice coil.</span>

<!--aimg--><!--aimg--><a href='http://www.unity-audio.demon.co.uk/images/BM15Specs.gif' target='_blank'><a href='http://www.unity-audio.demon.co.uk/images/BM15Specs.gif' target='_blank'> </a><!--Resize_Images_Hint_Text--><!--/aimg--></a><!--Resize_Images_Hint_Text--><!--/aimg-->
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Will work for speakers...</span>

How many tunes/remixes do you want for em?

sorry mate, i sold them for cash-money. But hey, maybe we can do a remix exchange or something?

I've had a project in mind whereby 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or.... ok... a few people each do a remix of each other's track. There's a whole album right there eh?

Piss cakes.


Never mind. I don't like Dynaudios anyway.


Re: remix project - sounds like a great idea. I'll do "Voice of Cod - We Are Free" please.

tbh those dynaudios were good entry level monitors, but nowhere near as creamy as the lovely HR824's that are currently in their place...

shame they're not mine tho...

i'll get on to the cod pieces and set this project in motion then