E-Jekt - Dark Fader


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Artist: E-Jekt

Album: Dark Fader

Label: Phonokol

Year: 2005

Format: CD

Country: Israel



01. Diffusion (+ Suntree) [145 BPM]
02. A2D2 [145]
03. Loop Skywalker [145]
04. High Robot (+ Power Source) [146]
05. Obi van Knob (+ PTX) [145]
06. Pan Solo [145]
07. Kork Lucas [145]
08. Mastering Yoda [142]
09. See Trip Yo [143]
10. Dark Fader [140]

What's this about

Imagine for a second George Lucas enjoys his psychelic trance and instead of hiring John Williams to write the score, he gives the guys at Phonokol a call: “Hey Avi, how's it going? Listen, I need the finest you can offer for this project, I want something juicy and moving. Yes, sounds perfect… may the force be with you too.†Avi Natan gets of the phone and contacts a handful of the finest jedi sound engineers the old republic can muster. The team at the end of the day is composed mostly of E-jekt: Nir Shoshani (Hujaboy) and Uri Azene. If you haven't heard of Uri before, you should look closer on your Phonokol CD's under the space labeled ‘mastered by'. Apparently he has been working as senior sound engineer for sometime now. As if that was not enough, they passed the final copy to Avi Algranati (Space Cat) for final mastering. For the production itself, they also recruited a couple of Jedi apprentices counting PTX, Suntree alongside wise elders like Power Source ensuring they had enough people to fight the dark side, or least to throw a decent party in the studio.

The final outcome was Dark Fader a debut album that screams to the world Israel still has mojo and lots of it. There is nothing new here from what we have heard in the last three/four years, but the careful attention to detail and expert handling places this one apart. This is Full On that is epic, infectious and crystal clear like an Evian bottle. Nir's style reminds slightly of “Sonic Tonic†on the energy levels and slinky grooves complementing well the other influences that accompany this project.

Per-song break-down

01. Diffusion (+ Suntree) *
Diffusion opens the album in collaboration with Suntree with a bombastic bass line that's hard to pass unnoticed… The energy is overflowing, but the melody seems static despite the breaks and other sonic ornaments, not really reaching that explosive peak. What the hell, is the first song and is great way to open up the album.

02. A2D2 *
Things really start heating with a galloping bass line & techno-industrial splices. The Astrix formulas is still there, build-up… break… build up and blow their heads off. Mid-section arrives with a solo-drum-set bit, which I predicted would be turning into a trend back when I wrote the review for Uni – La Movin. It sounds good if want to keep things jammin'. An arpeggio accompanies the madness with a slinky spice you just know is Hujaboy. The track gets drowned in a reverb to a silent stop, making a triumphant come back in a very satisfying finale. This one is must check.

03. Loop Skywalker *
“Scientists suspect that LSD has its greatest impact on that part of the brain which decodes and interprets sensory impulses by paralyzing or scrambling these sensory signals. Patterns in the brain become flamboyant, twisted, unreal… sometimes the user thinks he can smell or taste the sounds of musicâ€

Doesn't the drum and bass sound a lot like previous song? Anyway… it was such a great track I am willing to overlook the kinship here. The song comes fueled with strange voice-bleeps on delays, accompanying floaty pads that sooth the arpeggiated lead, which still reminds a bit of A2d2. It's faster though and very well honed with that ‘coordinated madness' Shoshani knows how to do so well.

04. High Robot
“Time had a beginning at the big bang†And the banging samples continue on delays as they transpire with original beat work. The song is accompanied by some quirky voice about some ‘unstable' person or something, with a very vocodic tone. To be honest is a bit of a turn off. So is the guitar riff that mixes afterwards with the pads circling the sonic range, saving the song from jaded stagnation. A fair amount of complexity added with a second lead drowning the personally unwanted elements.

05. Obi van Knob
PTX throws his Jedi powers on this one and unfortunately is just not my thing. Then again PTX has never really been my 'thing', so consider it a warning. The song is clearly well crafted but it just seems formulaic, I feel like I have already heard the song before. The voice samples included are almost funny and the song just floods the senses with great rhythmic accompaniments. If you were pleased with PTX's debut album then this one might be your thing.

06. Pan Solo
Standard full on production… a fair amount of bleeps and screeches in bubbly stereo assembled in a very organized manner, in accordance with the leads and the riffs that should sound like a grungy distortion, but they have been polished off until shinny. Voice samples are a little awkward here. The song drops and makes a return climbing on high… high octaves. The riffs continue in loop mode as the rest just explodes in your ears.

07. Kork Lucas *
Nearly a minute build up at the beginning to drop the kick and it might be worth the wait. The advantage is it does not take too long to get going. The focus here is definitely on the groove and the pace of the song. The problem extending to a number of tracks, falls on the repetition of arpeggios which I guess is meant to mimic in some way the old days.

08. Mastering Yoda *
When I was in school a few friends decided to steal large beaker, along with the gas tube that got hooked up to the Bunsen burner, turning it into a bong. It was called Yoda. Mastering Yoga was quick and painless affair of no more than a couple of tries, just like the song. The first part is trance-numbing experience of samples building on each other as the spaced synth's fall in the cracks. Progressively the samples are subdued for the melodies until the break hits. It gets nearly Nintendo style, with those bleep effects and the jarring distortion sliding right off the groove as usual…

09. See Trip Yo
This is one has his moments, but it sounds to me like another of run-of-the-mill song. A constant build up with one too many breaks for my taste, but a damn cool melody by the end.

10. Dark Fader *
Thank god this song is great, because I was starting to loose faith. Another massive hit encompassing the feel of the album quite well. The bass sifts that kick, which drops like lazy hammer shaking the ground. By this point you can feel the BMP has dropped a few notches and is slightly different from the rest of the track list. It is nice to see they did ‘have a plan' after all. The riff here is reserved but, head-bobbing at the same time. No epic builds, just a great groove, which in turn is actually quite refreshing.

* Favourites

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Studio Elf
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London SE19
Although they did paraphrase the name from DJ Keltech, which is a little out of order... :Wink3:

(He was 'Daft Fader' tho)


Wee Waw

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Yeah I really love this CD to bits.. It's a perfect balance of everything psy. The synths are original, the samples are original: "They used to throw him off the roof to see how far he would bounce bounce bounce bounc bounc boun boun bou bou bo bo b b bbbbbbbbb!!!" Wicked!!

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
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seems that people really like this then.......hmmmmmm.......should I, shouldnt I purchase......decisions decisions
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the samples sounded too scrapy and noisy for my collection (which is admittedly non cheesy fluff)

I was hoping for something a bit less so after hearing 1/2 unrel tunes out last year that were pure slick not at all nasty. astralex had a jem

i must be just getting old!!! still love my old boo reka and hujaboy tho :irazz:


Direct DJ
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Are you seriously teeling me I need to buy a CD, with stupid track titles like that!! :Wink3:

The sound samples are phat and thumpy, maybe I will have to give it a look...

Some of you lot must have had this for a few dayz already so whats the Verdict??? Disposable??? or Essential???
Let me know your thoughts....