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Greetings from Doof Records.
Summer is here and we've got some interesting news for you…
DOOF RECORDS is proud to present its new concept in medical therapy - E.S.T (Electric Shock Treatment).
This wicked treatment from Doof comes in two sessions each featuring 9 uncompromising tracks that will twist your mind!
Faithful to its tradition, Doof Records are back with 2 sessions this time, for the true psychedelic music lovers out there who just cannot get enough of this music.
Doof is known for the distinguished sound and the true psychedelia, this time more suitable to the dance floor! And even more full on then ever.
In these 2 compilations you will have the pleasure of exploring and getting acquainted with different artists, some internationals and some locals, some known and some a bit less but yet very attractive in their psychedelic sounds. Doof Records spreads this time a different notion of what night trance music should be about, trying to reach a wider crowd, and does it through a double shock treatment.
Night animals – these 2 candies are for you…

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Both compilations can be found in all online shops and in local shops around the world.
For bookings and info: candy@doofrecords.net

1. G-Light- I’ve Just Been Born
2. Vibra- Extraordinair
3. Azax Syndrome- Nightmare
4. Nexus- E.D.T.A
5. Mechanix- Made In Moscow
6. U-Recken- Ghost Ship
7. Double R.E.L- Finished People
8. Entropy- Kopsses Event (RMX)
9. Wizard Lizard- Psy Joy

Sample loops from the first compilation can be heard here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/doo/doo1cd012.html

1. Sylla bassVs. U-Recken - Two Bastards
2. Zebra-N- Man On A Mission
3. Azax Syndrome Vs. Winter Demon- Black Zodiac
4. Nexus- Observe The Darkness
5. Double R.E.L- My Beloved One
6. Entropy- Pedro
7. Zirkin- After Effect
8. Dissociactive- Lakrimoza
9. Cactus- Green Liquid

Sample loops from the second compilation can be heard here:
I can recommend both of these, if you like your nutty night time naughtiness :Wink3: