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We are thrilled to announce the new established music group: Ear Peaks Music!

Ear peaks is a music group containing three labels:

*Domo records (established 2002): dealing with psy-progressive music. Domo is considered one of the leading Psy-progressive labels in the world scene and market today, slowly but surely establishing it's own unique sound representing top cream artists such as swiss Insane creation, V tunes and sonnenvakuum, french Sensifeel, and Israeli new comers Quantize along with some of the leading progressive DJs such as DJ Nadi, Huda G, Assaf & Gula K. in Israel, Buju in UK, Shybe in switzerland Tomtron in Germany and more to join soon.

A&R Nadi Nahimoff (DJ Nadi)

*Tupan Records (first release- 02/2006): Dealing with tribal progressive music (a blend of trance & house music).
Tupan will be working in cooperation with a branch in Brazil run by DJ Lennox as well as DJ Keko in Guatemala (one of the leading DJs of the local scene and central america) in order to penetrate the huge Latin American market and scene.
First signed artist are Sonic Lizard (DJ Lennox's own project), and swiss Mirowsky with many more TBA

A&R Joao Hortale (DJ Lennox)

Gat Music :
A chill out/lounge/freestyle/electro/Dub label, dealing with the easier side of electronic music mostly easy listening and communicative music. Schedule for the first releases is being formed now and as soon as we have news we will of course update in the matter.

A&R: Assaf Nachum (DJ Assaf)

Ear Peaks music :
The „mother label“ is going to deal with general releases which are not necessarily connected to a specific genre but reflect innovation in their own style, first release will be the debut album of Triac, one of the most promising Israeli Tech-trance artists in the world today, and soon tba some more exciting projects to come.

A&R: Jay Blatch (DJ Buju) & Nadi Nahimoff (DJ NAdi)

Ear Peaks Booking Agency:

Ear Peaks, being run by well experienced party/event organizers (since 1992) is establishing its independant booking agency in these very days.
The agency is aimed to book Artists and DJs from outside Europe to play in Israel and the UK as well as from the mentioned Countries and naturally from the rest of Europe to play all over the world (e.g. Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Central America, Australia and more...)
Since we have solid & direct contacts to most of the big acts, as well as Party and venue promoters from all around the globe, this structure is already in its basic form and we are just about to start operating it officially.
The booking agency will not be limited to our roster only but will cover all electronic music genres from electro through progressive on all its forms and including full on and psychedelic music in order to give a proper line up to any demand.
As soon as our roster is complete we will naturally update on the matter.

Managers: Jay Blatch (DJ Buju) & Nadi Nahimoff (DJ Nadi)

Release schedule for beginning of 2006:

Mar/2006 - Epeakscd001/Tupancd001 - V/A Kwarup(compiled by DJ Nadi & DJ Lennox)
mar/2006 -Epeakscd002 - Triac - Mean Between (debut album)
Apr/2006 - Epeakscd003/Domocd009 - V Tunes Debut album (name TBA)
May/2006 - epeakscd004/Domocd010 - Sonnenvakuum third album (name TBA)
May 2006 - Epeakscd005/Tupancd002 - Mirowsky debut album (Name TBA)
June 2006 - Epeakscd006/Tupancd003 - V/A compilation (TBA)
July 2006 - epeakscd007/Domocd011 - V/A Compiled by DJ Assaf (Name TBA)

More info will follow on each release of course when the time comes! :Grin: