Earth Lights UFO hypothesis update

more on this here

nuts and bolts reasoning about whats going on

imo, it obviously says nothing about sightings from down the centuries as such, though the implication is there
3:26 - "The interplanetary discharge to the southern hemisphere netherworld of Earth gave off ionising synchrotron radiation which alters the integrity of the human genome, and can be lethal at some level."
What's that? Did it? Does it? Really?
Preposterous? Hmmm..... 🤔
Doubt matey is gunna read your criticisms on here gdog. Stick them under the video on YT
Everything about it seems implausible, from the goes at explaining it , to the goes at debunking it. Thats what makes it so interesting.
I'm certainly of the belief that earth lights, or some kind of very rare geophysical/chemical process giving rise to something that might be a form of plasma energy, or something similar, along these lines, is a strong contender in explaining a large chunk of historical ufo/uap sightings and experiences...and indeed could also explain certain mythical things from the far distant past. Like, for instance, the germ or seed for the concept of dragons, the more intense religious 'visions' and experiences from 2000 odd years ago etc

The idea that military types have been having a go at creating these plasma things, whatever they are, is also intriguing.

However, it is part of the deal when reading or watching anything about the topic at hand, that you aren't going to agree with everything said therein. This doesn't mean that what is said cannot be useful in one's thinking. Cos if you can negate or dismiss one line of thinking, this could spur you onto a better line of thinking in response.

Best to listen without prejudice, imo. This has served me so much better than extreme dogmatic skepticism , which I used to run around waving in people's faces. EDS is boring, imo
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Did someone mention dragons?