editing muon tau pro

Tau pro doesnt respond to pitch bends, but portamento can be activated by overlapping notes.. I pretty sure there is a portamento knob that controls how fast the slide is...

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Version 1.0 didn't respond to pitch bend, version 1.10 (I think) does.

An alternate way to get bends on it would be to use the glide control, and split the note in two with the desired start/end pitch at the respective ends of the note.

One thing I've always noticed about it is the insanely long release time (even with EG release set to the shortest possible setting). To get around it I set my notes to half or three-quarters the length I actually want them to sound for.

And yes, I know this sounds like a lot of workarounds for what is essentially just a bass synth, but I really like the sound it puts out. :Smile3:

Yeah, it does have really long delay times!

Might be the cracked one i have cos it doesn't really respond to velocity changes as well!

Cheers for the advice people, and very quick as well! Do i think there are other people like myself that don't really go out, very much! or are you at work! :lol1:

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Yup. :no: