EDRIOL FA-101 firewire card for PC

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ello, i recently bought a m audio 410 firewire card for my PC, but alas it was a horrible ordeal, drivers so bad screaming sounds from my tannoys, midi timing unstable, basically didnt wanna work with Sx2 or much else.so i send the fecker bak, thinking on getting a EDRIOL FA-101 as I aint seen any bad reviews for em.

anyone using one on PC(xp) platfrom and sx 2?

lemme know if drivers are good :Smile3:
and if card is rock solid for live work ect

thanks in advance :Smile3:
i have an m-audio delta 1010 and i get similar problems to you. its glitchy at high cpu loads and my ASIO drivers cause my pc to crash. my virus doesnt always MIDI sync to my host properly (especially under high cpu load and when playing multiple timbres from the virus). even though i have set my host to master sync or done it the other way round and forced midi clock on the virus and set the tempo on the virus manually. sometimes it sounds like its drunk cuz its completely out of time. other times it works properly. i also use fl studio 4.5.

i considered selling my 1010 and going for a prosonus firepod. but i need the extra 180 quid unfortunately. plus im getting a serious case of GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) so im permanently short of cash.