Elec3:Plug And Play



1. Plugged
2. Open doors
3. Nubus
4. Realizm
5. Pnp
6. Noise therapy
7. Chaplog
8. Orchid extract
9. Unplugged

probably israels best kept secret
these boys are masters of creating tight slick grooves which ripple across any dance floor like mini earthquakes
a must have for any DJ this one is AWESOME!!!
a great way to kick of 2006!!!


Senior Member (discounted rates)
rock on!! this album certainly gets me on my toes...

lots of squeeks and bubbles and funny noises!! hehe

must agree, tis awesome!! :iwink:


Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
tis very full power happy psy in parts.....I like :Smile3: