Electro Sun - Pure Blue (Trancelucent 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Electro Sun – Pure Blue


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Artist: Electro Sun (Israel)
Title: Pure Blue
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Trancelucent Productions (Israel)
Cat. #: TP-011
Distribution: Boa Distribution
Date: January 2005

Track listing:

01. 07’11†Pure Blue
02. 07’28†Sundance
03. 06’54†I’ve Got The Power
04. 08’04†Fucking Music
05. 07’34†Stretch
06. 07’26†Vanilla
07. 06’44†In My Dream (Album Edit)
08. 06’48†Momento
09. 06’32†Supernova


Let the sun guide your path…

Electro Sun is Nadav Elkayam from Israel. He’s pretty new to the scene but has had tracks released on Trancelucent, OOD, ZMA, Moonstone and Com.Pact… It’s no secret that I’m no neo full-on buff, but the stuff I’ve heard from Electro Sun hasn’t been all bad… This album is released on Trancelucent Productions and I still admire them greatly for the Misted Muppet and Etic albums… Let’s find out what’s under the Electro Sun…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Pure Blue [140 BPM]
We launch straight into melodic mayhem… This is super uplifting, happy, bouncing morning trance with one epic melody weaved into the next… Commercial club-trance to some – pure bliss to others… I kinda like parts of it - despite its obvious cheddar appearance…

#02: Sundance [140 BPM]
We stay on the more cheesy side of things here… As the title suggest, this is more straight-forward morning trance – a hymn to the sun with voice samples talking about mind-altering drugs… Again we get a shitload of fluffy melodies though they are a little more subtle here… The voice samples are tacky and I’m starting to get a little fed up…

#03: I’ve Got The Power [144 BPM]
This track was written and produced with Bizzare Contact and has a little more edge than the two predecessors… Finally! Pretty cool and energetic bassline here – and the build-up is sweet though the climax could’ve been better… But for a neo full-on track, this isn’t bad at all…

#04: Fucking Music [142 BPM]
Another collaboration – this time with System Nipel… The direction shifts from edgy full-on back to highly melodic full-on… Despite a couple of attempt at raw sounds, this is still a very light, fluffy track with long epic pads… The sample “fucking music†seems oddly misplaced and generally this is too commercial for my tastes…

#05: Stretch [145 BPM]
This is an ultra-fast track… I usually like fast, but unfortunately this is drenched in a happy-hardcore kinda vibe that’s not very appealing… Again the “fuck†samples puzzle me!? I don’t really like this track – it’s like it’s trying too hard – and failing at it!

#06: Vanilla [145 bpm]
This track was already released on the Cyberdelica compilation released by Trancelucent in 2004 – so here’s a copy/paste solution from my previous review: “Everything you've ever said, done or thought about doin', is right there in that file cabinet†Nadav starts his track with a Morgan Freeman sample from the movie Bruce Almighty… The track itself is dancefloor friendly full-on with a slightly harder approach… Guitars go hand in hand with tight percussion work here – though we’re getting close to annoying Skazi-guitars! But it’s a nice little track regardless!

#07: In My Dream (Album Edit) [145 BPM]
Argh! This is similar to Stretch though even more joyous and happy-go-lucky in appearance… How many Happy Meals did Nadav eat before he sat down and composed this? Even Yahel couldn’t have made something as clubby! The “ahh yeah†samples are just plain awful and totally over the top… Argh make it stop!

#08: Momento [145 BPM]
The edge is harder now and luckily this is not as obviously commercial as some of the previous tracks were… Thank you Nadav! That being said, this is still pretty standard morning trance – not overly melodic, but pretty uplifting and very dancefloor friendly…

#09: Supernova [145 BPM]
The last track is a collaboration with Brain Damage… Starts out with a bunch of LOTR samples and then slowly adds melodies and bassline… The layer work is pretty good here, and for a clubby neo-full on track this isn’t bad… I could see myself dance to this in the wee hours of the morning when the last disco-burgers are gone… ;o)

Right – let’s count our losses first… There are a handful of overly commercial, top-cheesy tracks on this album – stuff that I really have a hard time enjoying… But luckily this isn’t a total failure as there are three tracks that I seem to enjoy… Obviously that’s not enough for me to validate a purchase, but again it’s all about taste… The big fan-crowd of modern Israeli neo full-on will undoubtedly enjoy this to the fullest…

I’m not attacking Trancelucent as I know they also release brilliant stuff – the Misted Muppet + Etic albums are the latest examples of that… But unless you’re a hardened neo full-on fan, I’d advise you to listen to this before purchase! Enjoy!

Favourites: 3, 6, 9(!)


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