Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles (Peak Records 2006) CD


Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles

Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Electrypnose (Switzerland)
Title: Le Tireur De Ficelles
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Peak Records (Switzerland)
Cat. #: PR008
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: March 2006

Track listing:

01. 06’57†Electrypnose - The Handler
02. 06’46†Electrypnose - Gidi Fake
03. 07’43†Electrypnose - Niapo
04. 07’41†Electrypnose - B2P2
05. 08’52†Elendil - Oz (Electrypnose Remix)
06. 06’25†Electrypnose - Stupid Moons
07. 06’33†Electrypnose - Disfunction
08. 07’27†Cerebral Factory – Cerebral Factory
09. 08’05†Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles
10. 07’02†Electrypnose - Brain Surgery
11. 03’19†Electrypnose - Bas Les Masques

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/fj8r3 (all tracks!)


The Puppet Master…

Swiss power house label Peak Records is out with its 8th release which doubles as the first full artist album… And who better to do the honours, than fellow Swiss resident Electrypnose? Vince Le Barde has yet to let me down, and in my reviews over the years I’ve often praised him for his unique, unconformity, underground psytrance… The debut album Brain Stretching released in 2005 by ResonantEarth.com was a blast and every single compilation track I’ve heard from Vince has kicked some royal ass… So hell yeah, I’m excited about this second album… Let’s dig in!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Electrypnose - The Handler [148 BPM]
“The years he spent in isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's had no contacts. He's been completely without guidance. Furthermore, his work, the garden sculptures, hairstyles and so forth, indicates that he's a highly imaginative character. It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped!†The opening track sets the mood with some eerie, haunting church bells sampled to oblivion… A lengthy and trippy sample from Edward Scissorhands adds to the spooky atmosphere and after a couple of minutes we’re complete soaked into the eerie world of Electrypnose… Edgy, eerie and dark – but with enough acid bits and pieces to keep me entertained… Brilliant!

#02: Electrypnose - Gidi Fake [146 BPM]
“Doctor, we have a successful fusion of reaction! […] Everyone here is mad. I'm mad, you're mad; it's only by chance or careful planning if you're not. How do you know I'm mad? Because you're here, and everyone here, is mad!†The next tracks samples Alice In Wonderland which is altogether one of the most trippy stories ever… The acid-level has been raised, and we’re in full-blown night trance territory now… Heavily syncopated acid-stabs make out the base of track and they are surrounded by all kinds of twirling FX and computer game samples… Mad indeed, but oooh so good…

#03: Electrypnose – Niapo [148 BPM]
“Here’s Johnny!†Another weird-as-fuck IDM intro turns into trademark Electrypnose psychedelia… I swear there are more layers here than I dare to count – and the trip factor is off the chart! Hell yeah, this is like Derango vs. Procs vs. Aphex Twin vs. Autechre… Can you imagine that combo? Well, listen to this track and sample the sweet nectar of sonic LSD! Intense yes, but totally trip-tastic too… I’m digging this track loads!

#04: Electrypnose - B2P2 [147 BPM]
“You helped me get here, but my question is ‘why’? Where is this going? Where does it end? I don't know. You don't know, or you won't tell me? I told you before, no one can see beyond a choice they don't understand. And I mean no one. What choice? It doesn't matter!†This is less weird, but we’re still deep in the Swiss underground… The acid is flowing freely and we’re exposed to a lethal dose of heavily tweaked synth lines, digital drops and electronic farts… The energy level is simply impressive and I double dare anyone not to move to this… The samples from The Matrix Revolutions are not too original, but I guess they are kinda retro-cool… Not the most exciting track here, but it’s still a solid, wholesome piece of Electrypnose wizardry… ;o)

#05: Elendil - Oz (Electrypnose Remix) [148 BPM]
Elendil is an unsigned Swiss project by one of Vince’s mates… As a frequent guest in the Electrypnose studios, this local act caught Vince’s attention with this track – so it was decided that a remix would fit this album…. And I agree! I haven’t heard the original, so I can’t really tell what was changed, but what we’re left with here is a nice little acid-ripper of a night track… Nothing too complicated is going on here – it’s just good old-fashioned psytrance packed with twirling acid-lines and medieval melodies… I guess in a way, this is similar to The Misted Muppet – only darker! So yeah, this is perhaps the most melodic track off the album, so in a sense we’re kinda chilling out here… Chilling out at 148 beats per minute that is… It took me a while to fully appreciate, but now I dig it – and it’s just example of Vince’s diverse musical talent...

#06: Electrypnose - Stupid Moons [149 BPM]
After the melodic ‘break’ it’s time for some more underground madness… The rhythm section here is totally irregular – and a lot of fun! Good luck mixing this one! As always, Vince relies heavily on sampling and within the first couple of minutes there are at least 15 samples from all kinds of genres, movies, etc… Multi-coloured, multi-fragmented, multi-climactic and multi-playful psy-trance… Rich, diverse and instantly rewarding… Sweet!

#07: Electrypnose – Disfunction [148 BPM]
The next track picks up right where the previous one left off… The irregular IDM-beats create the unique, oddball Electrypnose ambience which is totally trippy… And this is as much a tour de force into percussion trickery as it is a venture in trippy, acid-ridden shroom-trance… Highly intense, but in the right setting this is a classic in the making… Nicey nice!

#08: Cerebral Factory – Cerebral Factory [150 BPM]
As with the Elendil project, Cerebral Factory is a local project… It’s started during a workshop session where Vince hooked up with a couple of Swiss guys called Karash & Noon… It’s obvious that other people worked on this track, as it has a bunch of new musical influences… But basically it’s deep, dark, fast-paced Electrypnose trance… Riddled in acid-lines and constantly evolving within a framework of playful night-trance… Reminds me of Penta somehow… A great track, though maybe a tad too fast during a couple of passages…

#09: Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles [150 BPM]
Enter the puppet master – or Le Marionettiste as portrayed on the cover… And holy shit, what a track!! The tribal intro is as scary as it is hypnotizing – like an ancient, tribal version of The Delta… Add some razor-sharp electro trickery + a mean ass bassline, and you’ll get the idea… Damn, this is eeeeevil… Weird, sick and twisted… I love it! Stellar track!

#10: Electrypnose - Brain Surgery [151 BPM]
“Demons stay in Hell, huh? …Tell them that!†And if you thought that was fast, just wait until you listen to this sinister piece of devilish terror-trance… Usually I get easily bored with stuff above 150 bpm, but somehow Vince manages to make it eclectic and continuously interesting… And that’s exactly the case with this ghostly choon… Sure, it’s fast but it’s also in constant evolution, ensuring a safe passage to the netherworld… I have to be in the right mood though, to fully appreciate this… But when I am, it rocks!

#11: Electrypnose - Bas Les Masques [193 BPM]
The French worded title literally translates into ‘remove your masks’ which is the traditional saying during the end of the Venice Carnival… But apparently it also has an ambiguous meaning in French police talk, meaning something along the lines of ‘stop playing roles’. Anyway, maybe you’re wondering if I typed the wrong BPM count here. But I can assure you, I didn’t… This is in essence an atmospheric chill-out track, but due to the usage of complicated and irregular drill&bass/AFX’esque beat programming it has an incredible high count… Reminiscent of the Murmures Des Ombres track – and this is basically the most interesting chill-out track I’ve heard in ages… What an amazing way to end this remarkable album!

I hate to repeat myself, but Vince never lets me down! And this album is no exception – it’s real fucking sweet and it’s going to be a strong contender for the ‘darkpsy’ album of they year 2006. But simply calling it dark psy is not cutting it! This crosses well over into all kinds of genres, from über-dark techno, over eclectic IDM, to melodic and edgy full-power dance music! And that’s exactly what I love about it - the unique, unconformity, underground sound of Electrypnose! If there ever was rich, unique psytrance, this is it! Hooray for musical diversity!

As usual, Peak Records presents some really classy artwork – and this album looks so great on my shelf… All in all, I’ll give this album my highest recommendations… There’s an influx of awesome tracks, and even the tracks which doesn’t stand out are pretty damn solid… A safe buy for Electrypnose/Peak Records fans as well as fans of genre-bending psytrance…Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2, 3(!), 5, 6, 7, 9(!!), 10, 11(!)


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not a bum!
very impressive stuff from swiss electrypnose! it is indeed a solid piece of work!
some tracks may need to be played at -3/4 BPM, but mind you it doesnt sound as fast as it looks!!!
hats off!


:clubjump:yup, this FUKING RINSES IT!!!!!!!

played some of it on friday and it went down a storm, def to be left for a peak night-time slot :Smile3:


Rude! :wo^thy:
Lets dance.... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP... start (16 beat later) STOP...

The tracks are wicked, but why all these breaks? Totally kills it... I am sitting here now listening too track 4, and i love it, but the whole track keeps droping because of these constant breaks 3.49 sec in and there is 12 breaks (small as big)... It kills!!!

Now the track is done, all together lets count, 22 breaks, again i also count little breaks with 2-4 kicks taken out... Honestly that sucks!!
The whole track is based on breaks, and it dosent belong on a dancefloor if you wanna keep the energy flowing...

After half the track, break count;

Track 1 - 7 Track Length: 6.55
Track 2 - 8 Track Length: 6.44
Track 3 - 12 Track Length: 7.41
Track 4 - 12 Track Length: 7.39

I cant even be botherd to go thru the rest..
As much as i love this album, if it wasent for the breaks.. I would never play it..
Biggest dispointment that such a good album can be such a dancefloor killer!


Can't say I'd ever noticed them before. Perhaps because I'm just more used to techno and this has a fairly techy structure to it.


play it out a big rig and it more than makes up for the stop go break bits

loud speakers bring a whole other level to the tunes :Smile3: you hardly notice the gaps

tried and tested, fooking rinsin' :irazz:
Yeah but when you are listening to find a track to fit in your set, then you notice.. if you listen to it at home just to listen, then no i didnt notice either.. today i was mixing and i have to flick the mute on an off and on an off constantly which makes it fucked up to mix because i dont got 3 hands, one to keep flickin the other track on and off so you dont hear the bassline cut off and then the other 2 to mix the sound!!!

Plus i was imagening standing on the dancefloor listening to this, and its just start stop the whole thing trhu.. there is no wave to ride!
mr_faster said:
play it out a big rig and it more than makes up for the stop go break bits

loud speakers bring a whole other level to the tunes :Smile3: you hardly notice the gaps

tried and tested, fooking rinsin' :irazz:

Hehe i can agree, as i said before.. i love the tunes themselves, but the breaks.. mann gotta go!

3 breaks max in a track.. 22 think about it LOL

le barde

Junior Members
blup blup ... thanks for all comments ...
sorry June, but it's not gonna be better in the future works, not at all.

Lets dance.... start (16 beat later) thiki tchiki swop bam...trzuiiit, blup STOP... start.. lets dance .. grzzz, bzzz. (16 beat later) wouap, tic, boum STOP... tchlaaa, start boom (8.35 beat later) brouaamm, fzitp, tr tr tr tr .. bz bz bz bz, yahuzmm STOP trchrach stop, tigi tigi stop... start (16 - 18 beat later) after some tchaka pom ... you believe it starts normaly, but not. STOP bzut, stop, krchhh, stop ... rtzteztrze ... wouagabonga .. little stop and booooom ... .. and so on.
you still can dance while the breaks, it's not to stop it ... if you feel the break right, you dance twice more after :irolleyes
the idea is to keep the current by marking impacts which always are in a certain logic, and sometimes to be retained to better pronounce them just afterwards.

i have to say i test all the times to dance on tracks .. i know for some it works, for others not .. but personaly i need that .. i need changes all the time to dance like an electrified ninja ...
otherwise i get borred.
of course, sometimes it keeps the energy better ... but it's a quiet hard job, and it's still completly into the research.



Artist: Electrypnose
Album: Le Tireur De Ficelles
Label: Peak Records
CAT: PR008
Web: http://www.electrypnose.ch
SE.net: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/211/2/
Interview: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/37/25/

01.The Handler [148]
02.Gidi Fake [146]
03.Niapo [148]
04.B2P2 [147]
05.Elendil - Oz (Electrypnose RMX) [149]
06.Stupid Moods [149]
07.Disfunction [148]
08.Cerebral Factory [150]
09.Le Tireur De Ficelles [150]
10.Brain Surgery [151]
11.Bas Les Masques [96]

What's This About

If we stop to consider Electrypnose has been in the spotlight –for most of us- roughly since last year, starting with the release on Resonant Earth. The name has quickly escalated to a staple of quality passing through rosters in Peak, Trishula, Doof, Yage, Woodroom, Devil’s Mind, Kabrathor records and so the list goes. Where exactly did he come from? Switzerland. No I mean, where was hiding before? Most probably in the studio, working his ass off to perfect the trade up this point. This progression can be traced from the gazillion albums for download at his website up to this point. Le Tireur de Ficelles shows his best work so far, offering such an intricate level of detail you can loose yourself in haphazard fits of abstraction, paired with really coherent moments of lucidity… when he sees fit to pull the strings.


( 1 ) The nursery rhyme envelopes disturbed, puerile thoughts flashing down memory lane. Once the bridge has been lowered, a grinding orgy of distraught scratches assaults time and consciousness. It’s all mashed in a complex interaction bent on thrusting a story with unexpected turns at every corner, as to keep you guessing where The Handler is taking you. In the meantime, the rhythms blurt out a mutation of breaks and glitches in perfect unison. *

( 2 ) Gidifake is a ‘successful fusion reaction’ of fractured leads, grating the typical corroded melodies. Bass-wise it reminds of EVP, with bouncy stabs and funky edge (think ‘Digitalkin’). The progression is very entertaining all the way through, until the voice announces with both arms raised: ‘hey, buddy time to switch tunes.’ Obviously with different words, but still just as amusing. *

( 3 ) Niapo begins with a really cool set of notes before the kicks start assaulting you, with a refined meter that keeps scratching effects, coupled with the methodic clarity of a madman at work. Really funky, directionless, traversing a jag right through different themes with ease and ultimate confusion. *

( 4 ) Doesn’t B2P2 feel like a last minute name change from R2D2? Anyway, this one carries a lot more screechy content than I can normally handle. I don’t know why it has something South African about it, maybe it’s the short recurrent leads that bring out the association, truth be told I haven’t heard anything from that region in a while. The last stretch is most rewarding though and the chromatome helps it shine with the mastering.

( 5 ) The whole concept of calling a track Oz is a very ambitious endeavor in itself. It wouldn’t really come as a surprise if these two cats were neighbors. The whole thing is so well put together, starting with that line before the third minute rolls around. From that point, it just keeps upping the ante unleashing the last vestiges of sanity, seduced by the intricacies of delicate musical rhymes. How can those crungy leads make the brain fart and the neurons wallow? Shining like beacons before they blaze, exulting their last and most glorious rapture. Needless to say this one has been [on] with the repeat button for a few days now. *

( 6 ) As a perfect example of build up, Stupid Moods gently walks to more menacing scenarios with such a paced evolution, it’s a joy to listen how the distraught voices and the shrilling lines, build the final peaker from a seemingly calmed tune. *

( 7 ) In an attempt to keep things more abstract and utterly Dysfunctional, we stumble upon night time breaks with all the daftness of a machine drowning its circuits before it collapses. The poor thing seems to be communicating something in the whirlwind of tonal incoherence with little success. Is that a bad thing? Not if you’re talking about twisted music and I do believe we have reached that point in the album.

( 8 ) Brain Factory is a collaboration between some other folks called Karash, Noon and Vin’s collaborating with the intend of releasing bubbly, dangly metallic beats and more simulated errors, exploding in a timely fashion as if the compound had suddenly taken a life of its own. Creating a jumble of sounds from all those minuscule effects you don’t expect they could amount to much, but they do. The melodic factor is well disguised behind the symphony of noises and abstractions. *

( 9 ) The Cherokee war drums rumble behind a stampede of buffalos. Suddenly I’m expecting an Indian pop out from my left speaker and chop my scalp off. Shortly after, I do end up loosing part of my head when things dissolve in a trail of effects, erupting with a different noise for every note. Before we loose ourselves completely, a lead throws reality back in our face with a series of flangy tones. Le Tireur seems be enjoying dangling our ficelles on this one. *

( 10 ) Brain Surgery stands as a flutter and gnarl of insipient effects, pouring down relentlessly with a final purpose, Bio-programming. By this point though, I have grown a bit weary of the constant sonic overload of machine malfunctions and yearn for something slightly more… earth-bound.

( 11 ) Bas Les Masques in theater terms conveys the time at which actors remove their masks, and from there term has taken a connotation along the lines of ‘no more pretending now’. Music-wise it is a sort of jungle/trip hop/DnB experiment with the lower ranges muffled, on top of a beautiful sonic scenario guided by a piano. Le Barde enjoys making this particular type of melodic fusions, that don’t really depart from the beats but form a different juncture altogether. At one point or another I would like to see what could come from a less beat-oriented track to explore the ambient vein completely. He has the musical aptitude to make interesting things happen. *

And in All

Electrypnose works opening a party, in the middle, or the morning after just as well for me. There was so much great stuff to offer, the only problem I anticipated was choosing material to jam-pack the plastic. And apparently I was right, a couple tracks did not fit in the end and one can be downloaded (we are also hosting it, so take a look at SE). This shows that even though the sound does not change much from his stylistic development as the scratchy-glitchy wizard, there’s enough knack to keep the ears busy. If you are still stuck enjoying the ‘previews’, it is probably good for your music collection and your karma to swing by the store and show support. At this point, things can only keep moving forward anyway.


Bonus Track: Electrypnose - The Day Has Come
( download @ http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/211/2/ )

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