Electrypnose Live - March 4th - 8 till 10pm

Thank you for getting him to play on psymusic :Wink3:
I'm a big fan of his music and have been following every release but haven't had a chance to hear/see him live.
Yeah same man, missed the chance to see him in Liverpool but already booked my ticket for Echo Vortex! :Smile3:

Hes such a nice geezer too, has answered loads of my questions about production techniques etc, so helpful :Smile3:

Stoked he's gonna do a show!!
will trance out
Oh what, that's fucking amazing! Nice one, so gonna tune in to this. :Grin:
Vincent's cool... been traveling with him... just like to help spread sound info, respect to hear him play a radio set. Boom
Argh just realized I'll be working while this is on. Will it be recorded? Pwetty pwease? :ibiggrin:

Aye if Vince dont mind ill get him to record it straight to the Psymusic archive :Smile3:
Hi Guys,
Vince here. Will be nice to do this radio show, will be my first one on the web.
(did it twice on FM radio)
Just wondering what you guys would like to hear.
If it's about a night time set, i'd usually start with deep atmospheric trance evolving to more straight forward things.
Or let me know if you would also like to hear other style.
I'd also be up to play here again in the future with other genres.

Thanks to Foreverblind for setting this up, no problem about recording the show... just do it.
The night-time set you did at the party in Liverpool was absolutely fantastic - loved the progression from deep to all out balls-to-the-wall!

Personally, I'd absolutely love to hear a deep daytime set from you - think 5th Countdown and tunes like that. Actually, that's the only deep daytime track I've heard by you (the rest have been glitchy things), so would love to hear some others. I have membership to your site so perhaps I should look for some more there? =)

Really fucking looking forward to this, dude.
I think i would also like to hear a rendition of your daytime stuffs; some hope left, funked up, lets shaggy, where do we go disc2, flip out, a long story, indian sun, 5h countdown, un samedi, seeking the shape, find the button and press it :Grin: the list could go on! ultimately i'd be happy with any of your tracks, night time included!

So maybe i'm not the best person to ask :Wink3:

Can't wait!