Electrypnose Live - March 4th - 8 till 10pm

Nice one Vince :Smile3:

Have you planned your flight over yet for the party saturday? Im hoping the Icelandic volcano isnt gonna stop this party!!! :Smile3:
My flight is actually planned on thursday, we will see how all that goes. It's all pretty stuck at the moment, my mate Karash is in portugal waiting for a flight back home =P
Really fucking hope the volcano doesn't fuck things up. Been looking forward to seeing so many of the sets for fucking months now. Will *actually* cry if some of you don't make it over to the UK, innit!
Oh by the way, Vince, what sort of set will you be playing at Echo Vortex? Day-time or night-time? :Smile3:

^^ Aye mate, feel the same :Sad:

Innit. I don't think I've ever looked forward to a party so much before. :s Fingers crossed... not that any of that superstitious shit is real. But still. :\