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the rock, med.
Hi :Grin:

I'm laalaa :Smile3:

to say the truth, i'm an oztrance member but something fucked up with the DNS or something and i'm going a little crazy sans psytrance forums *giggle*

Anyway malta's closer to the UK and i'm going to be there for a hol soon so i thought i'd check it out :Smile3:

ooh u guys have awesome emoticons too :Grin: like :bananada: and :party2: :clubjump: :shrooms: :partysmi: :excessiv: :clublase: :badger: :bananase: :dancey: :cooljump: :punk: :drinking: :wizard1: :hihug: :grandad:

WOW!!!! they rock!!!!

ah well anyway yes. heh. i like psytrance or something. :Smile3:

oh and i think this emoticon: :!: looks like an arse lol :Smile3:
HaHa.. you'll fit right in here :lol: My faves :ph34r:.... a little bit dodgy :lol:

Welcome to the forum.. we're one big druggie family :Smile3:

Welcome over from oztrance laalaaa!! Glad you could make it! :punk:

love heather
Ah - you are coming on holiday!! Let us know and we'll keep you company!!

we're more illiterate than oztrance!! and we don't all get arsey with each other on tuesdays!!!

We've been expecting you...