ello, i had a Onih experience and thus am now here

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Hi their,
My names chris and sort of recently moved to england from germany, so for the past year i didnt see much of the underground rave scene which I had been quite frequently enjoying over in Europe. Till last Saturday that is, by hearing through the grape vine about this illigal rave in some warehouse somewhere in london, i took the train to my mates up their all ready to go. Took us ages to get their but eventually we did, the place was wicked nice chill-out room and some cool visualisations. Bought me some nice dope to tie me over till i could get something a bit nicer, was good hasch not that soapbar shite. So im at this Psy-trance rave, i didnt really understand the concept of Psycadelic-trance but i am a huge trance fan and love the psycadelic side of life. So 2 lines of "madman" later and im rolling enjoying it all having a blast wicked time sorted dancing what a great night. One of my mates had got hold of some strong acid tabs, id never done acid before and i do feel it had been calling me for a few weeks. So after enjoying some liberty caps i had this tab....i was fuked..
I meet these wicked people too who were going to anopther rave in hackney...... id bought the vinyal "one night at hackney" a week ago, and had to go their. so on my first trip i got into a caravan with a bunch of new people and went to hackney!! it was another wicked rave, i tripped my balls off. then at about 9.30 am i realised i had to meet up with some other mates in hammersmith the other side off london almost. At this point im reallising how fuked i am, hallucinating off all kinds off shit.
It really sucks looking at a map trying to figure out where you are and it keeps changing colors and moving. I then notice that not only am i mentally fuked i havent got my bank card i have 60p and I seemed to of bleed all over myself.....charming i know.... although i dont know how i made it to the other side of london i did. .. . .. wow what a night..

hmmm, im loving this world.
welcome to the psy-forum!!

"fifteen cans of stella"

let's all get fucked
hahahahahahahahaha :lol1: NIce story m8!

i had a similar experience after taking californian LSD... i was at King s Cross & St Pancras trying to figure out how the hell go back to Willesden Junction. I didnt have a map and everything was dripping..... :? :crazy: I got home at about 11am after 2 hours... :smoke:

Anyway :welcome: 2 da forum!