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:: ELSEWHERE - V/A - ALCD020 ::

Once again Alchemy unleashes a carefully constructed tale of mind tingling madness onto the global dancefloors with the new compilation �Elsewhere� compiled by DJ Simo (Italy/UK).

Compiled by DJ Simo, resident DJ at Fairy Tales and Antiworld in the UK and label DJ for Alchemy Records, this time compiles a release that twists and turns, highlighting some sure fire stormers from his personal favourites for the dancefloor.

Never letting up from start to finish and featuring some interstellar tracks, Elsewhere takes you on a deep and colourful trip through psycho sound with psytrance newcomers on Alchemy Records - Dejavoo, Tactic Mind vs Rizo (Dark Soho) and Double Impact. Supreme mastery of the psychedelic art rounds out the compiltion with unreleased and tasty tracks from Orion, Broken Toy, M-Klome, Freakulizer, Intelabeam vs PTX, and Star X.


1. Orion - Resonator
2. Double Impact - K-5000
3. M-Klome - Elektro Wave
4. Dejavoo - Follow This
5. Broken Toy - Ladada
6. Tactic Mind vs Rizo - Master Plan
7. Intelabeam vs PTX - B-Tight
8. Freakulizer - Maximal
9. Star X - Endless Motion

ELSEWHERE - Various Artists
Release Date - April 2006
Cataloge No. - ALCD020
Format - CD Jewel Case
Barcode - 5036098006308

For General Enquiries contact -

Canalot Studios
222 Kensal Road
London W10 5BN
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0) 208 964 8020
Email - alchemist@alchemyrecords.co.uk

DISTRIBUTION - Arabesque Distribution UK
Contact: brian.horn@arab.co.uk


zooming blue


:bananada::bananada::bananada: - LETS DANCE & BRING ON THE NOISE!! :punk:


Psychedelic Samurai
Bravo Champino...Bravo....

... am pleased that your creation is now out there for the people to enjoy....

my favs are:

5. Broken Toy - Ladada ~ very groovy with clean lines
8. Freakulizer - Maximal ~ Wasnt so taken at first, but now this track really 'floats my boat'

best of luck,

I think the Summertime dancefloors will be awash with the sounds from 'elsewhere' :Grin:

Red five

jah mangled spanner
some sweet tracks, orion in particular, rest is okay dancefloor fodder.

dunno about the broken toy track