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Was wondering if anyone uses one of these and if they could post their opinions here. I plan to get a soundcard with more inputs and was looking into the emulator x as it also has the sampler and some dsp effects. So, yeah, if anyone has expierience with these please do reply.
Never used one but I've heard good things about them. Hoping to get one myself some time soon. I think the most important thing for me would be the sampling ability of it as I have trouble with others and only use the Reason NN-XT one at the mo, not the best but effective enough. (Battery for beats tho).

I'm still a little wary of anything that has Creative involved at any level - but the reviews seem to be positive...

Exactly what I was thinking JPsychodelicacy. It seems like a good deal from the reviews but I'd still love to hear someone who actually owns it commenting on it.
i'd also like to know if anyone has an experience with the emulator X, cause the studio version is top of my shopping list.

I plan to run the PC i have as a dedicated sampler with the emulator, and send the lots of outputs into a motu 828 then into a laptop (items 2 and 3 on the list :Grin: ).

Using the laptop (with logic) to actually write the tracks sending MIDI to the emulator, and compiling with softsynths, audio what have you on the laptop. THen back into the emulator PC for mastering and finalising etc.

How does that sound to everyone? i've been thinking about this loads, and would like to know if this sort of setup makes sense to anyone other than me.

Check out the Proteus X also. It's almost exactly the same thing. The only thing it's missing is the ability to sample, and sample editing functions. Both of which can easily be accomplished in any audio editor on your PC. You can use any wave or AIFF file as the basis of the sound. At $149 list price with a 2 Gig library it sounds like a good deal. I saw a demo at the AES show recently and it sounded good, and looked pretty easy to work with. The biggest bummer was that you have to have their cheap PCI audio card installed to use the software. Basically a dongle that uses a PCI slot!?!?

What does the emu kit really do that can't be done with Halion or Kontakt?

If I understand correctly, all the main processing is main CPU based anyhow on Emulator X.
Purusha said:
What does the emu kit really do that can't be done with Halion or Kontakt?

If I understand correctly, all the main processing is main CPU based anyhow on Emulator X.

That's right. In fact Kontact has way more flexibility in terms of modulation/sound design. The Emu might be useful for people that have/want Emu sound libraries. Some might prefer the user interface or the Emu filters. Also in the case of the Proteus X, the cost is significantly lower.
Well, since I'm shopping for a soundcard I figured I might as well go for one that has some additional features like dsp effects and a sampler. What I really need are a few more analogue inputs and 1 spdif in/out. Extra midi IO is also helpfull but I don't have to have it. The emulator has all of those. It also has some DSP effects and the sampler which may or may not be good. I was hoping for EMU quality effects/filters but that may be too much to ask for for the price. What I wanted to know was how the effects/filters sounded and if the drivers were stable considering that creative is now behind EMU.

I also looked into RME and UAD-1. RME looks good as far as drivers and outputs go but has no DSPs as far as I know. UAD seems exactly the opposite. I can always go through my mixer as I do atm but I would prefer to be able to feed every (outboard) instrument output into a separate input on the pc and then add effects and compression as I want to. Also makes it possible to record separete tracks for every output which would be just perfect. Thats the plan anyway. :Grin: