energy wars?


dave arc-i

IF as many would like to believe that the US/UK incursion in iraq is led by governmental concerns over securing energy supplies then what about this.......

in my opinion this is a fine example of how in a world that is becoming ever more depleted of hydrocarbon energy sources, energy supplies can be used a very effective "non-lethal" weapon

this link

gives quite a candid overview of the whole shebang

oh how i wish i had the benefit of jumping forward a couple of hundred years and taking a peek at the situation then

Warwick Bassmonkey

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Gas may well be the new oil, except that the big difference here is that the US don't actually need any of the supplies that appear to be threatened.

Personally, I think of this talk of them shutting the pipeline down and thus cutting off gas to much of Western Europe is just scare-talk by the press. Such action would mean that Russia's gas sales drop by 80% - I am sure they cannot afford to do that.

But one thing is for sure... gas company executives will be rubbing their hands together with glee... any excuse to charge more, and they will.

Me? I'm off to pick up some more wood.....