Environmental Awareness at Events


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In today’s society with destruction and murder of our bellowed mother earth, wouldn’t it be suitable if promoters, organisers, performers and supporters aimed to use their events (especially the larger ones), to spread a word of advice to increase awareness towards these happenings, in forms of lectures, workshops, and tutorials? I’m aware that this has been done at several events around the globe, but there could be so much more done. Foolish not to use events with 1000’s of people to put the message out there. How about using some of the money made at multi million events to buy pieces of endangered land, and eventually hold tree planting events on them. Business orientated people could look at it as investments, especially for our mother earth. I do know of an organisation in Australia that has been doing this for several years, but how about doing something like this around Europe? After all, our children, and their children, and so on, might want to experience what we experienced.


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I know that Synergy project make a concerted effort to do that... although sometimes I've been a bit too mashed to process what they're on about. (*hangs head in shame*)


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The headline for any given Trance party could be “Stop wasting, start recycling†or maybe “The resources are running really bloody lowâ€. Most people realise that we can’t keep draining and murdering our environment, our planet didn’t cater for us to do so. But when people with the need of owning a new car every week kicked in, that’s when it started to go wrong. Wish these people could by a new property every week instead, and then plant a tree on it every day after that, then it might work out.


Like a green tax on psy events - if only...(say Meijin the guerilla)

but a little caution, however much I agree with you, in attempting to assume or derive people's politics purely by the music they like...unfortunately, if you do, you may be unpleasantly surprised

sorry :Sad:


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Meijin said:
I didn't mean to be negative there Proganshka - go ahead and do your thing please...:Smile3:

I understand what you are saying, wouldn't never force my ideas onto anyone, I just feel that it would be nice to use some of the money that's going through a "green" scene to save our beautiful endangered environment.

I'm actually planning a tree-planting event in the end of the year along with some Australian colleagues over in Australia, and the profits from the event will be going towards the purchase of a piece of endangered land so that regular re-vegetation can be performed.