Ethereal- Anima Mundi



Hi everybody!

I didn't know which part of the forum release infos shall be posted to, so I decided to post here. Moderators will probably move this post to somewhere else if needed :Smile3:
I wanted to inform you about the latest Tranceform Records' release, the Anima Mundi -album by the Swedish trance band Ethereal. It has been officially out now for around one month. The musical focus of this album is on melodic goa-trance, people who like old-school goa-trance might like this one too . But I still recommend everybody to give it a try, there's nothing to lose you know.
There are MP3-samples of all the tracks available for you to download on Tranceform's webpages:
More information on Ethereal can be found on Tranceform's website as well as on Ethereal's own website:

There are a couple reviews online, they can be found at:

The album is available for ordering at for example following online stores:, Germany:, Germany:
Saikosounds, Hong Kong:

Feedback? Questions? Something else? Don't hesitate to contact me either on this forum (I'll try to check back every now and then) or by e-mailing at:


Kalle / Tranceform
got that cd :Wink3:
tasty blends of oldschool goa which hard to find those days. brings me back to the old days.

anyway really nice goa music, reminds me a bit of MWNN, Astral Projection, Transwave etc.

my favourite is track 4!