Evolution MK-449c **HELP!**


More trance than you.....
Hello oh Gifted people!

I need some help please cause I am WELL out of my league:juggle:

I found an Evolution bla bla bla 449c for £119.00 (incl VAT) is that a good price?
Is there an equivalent (USB, MIDI 4 octaves) for less money?

Is anyone parting with something like this?

Let me know!!

And no... not for ferrets... my dad is fed up with his old one - it has to have USB as dad is a Mac-Man :Grin:

Cheers guys xx

PS any help will be received with enthusiasm and Ferret-Vouchers _may_ be given.... :wub:


dipthong mong
i considered evolution - not the one you're after but a smaller version... along with comparable Oxygen models.

ultimately, however, i chose an Edirol (PCR-M30). the weighting on the keys is really noticeably better; more like a real keyboard. plus I found I had more assignable shtuff, and I’d read better things (overall) about Edirol products than I had about Evolution products. The PCR-M30 has served me well – gigging, home use, everything J


More trance than you.....
Thanks for all this guys - really helpful, its quite scary when one is purchasing in an area completely unbeknownst to oneself.

(or something)

Yay nearly time for weekend!

Ferret-pincers xx