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I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to use an Evolver from Dave Smith Instruments?

It is a monophonic synth with some nice sounds, check them here. They are coming out with a four voice version in April, there are some sound fies on the site but I don't think they do it justice yet as they were just thrown toghter last minute.

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Its wicked. I tried one out at some breaks producer's house t'other day. It has both analogue and digital oscillators and it makes WONDERFUL noises. I wish I could afford one!!!
I am borrowing one soon for a couple of weeks to form a opinion on whether I am gonna wait and get a new PolyEvolver (4 Evolvers in a 1U rack with no knobs I'm afraid and will cost about a grand) or just get a V4 MKS-80 that costs almost half the cash.
The good thing about the Evolver is that it has digital and analog oscillators and that feedback option is great for mad expolding sounds. But it has no multimode filter, a digital high pass filter, digital distortion and the panel allows real time tweaking only for the selected row of parameters, so you'll have to map CCs for total real time control.
Anyway, it is probably the most honest new synth as it costs only £400 brand spanking new...or even less if you order from the US since the $ went down loads.

Need a good poly analog synth for stabs, as the Virus B's ADSRs are not very snappy and the filter lacks punch (and sounds pretty shite when the resonance is cranked up) and the Nord Lead sounds too digital (which is good in some cases). Instead I use multisample libraries from synths like the JP8, Prophet 5, MonoPoly...etc, but the ol' AKAI is a bit limiting for programming. So analog poly pronto.

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