experienced volunteers advise please!!

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n london
My girlfriend and i have been thinking for a long while now in doing some volunteer work with children in south america.. we have been looking at various agences and info on the net..its seem quite expensive to pay for the privilige of offering our servises..we dont mind if thats the only way .. but i there anyone out there that has done this work and could give us some advise in finding cheep or free NGO,s we could work for prefebly in Bolivia....... ANY advise ,indirect or direct would be very welcome.....

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There is an animal refuge in Bolivia which would be really good to work for. It isnt with children, but still for a very good cause. My friend Katie was there, and said its unbelievable, you get close contact with monkeys and other animals and you only pay for accommodation and food. if you are interested i will get back to you with the information as i do have it at home?

Other info i do have is this


They have contact details for working in orphanages in South and Central America.. you only need to pay for the actual volunteer guide. How good they are... i have no idea about, but I was going to check them out for my own future volunteer travelling. If you do try them, please let me know how you got along.

good luck :Smile3: