Experimental & Psycore set from the other night


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Hi all, here's my faster set from the other night (moved and added a few tracks)
Download for better quality


Enigmachina - Tools
Senkra - Tele Pallene
Audionimus - Sasfire
Sepehraka - Twisted Strains
Depuratus - Climbing Fuji
Ogoun - Volo Dalma
IndacoRuna - Journey to Sacred Realm
Antakaran - The Power of Presense, Ramana
Yoshua E.M - Anicent Rituals in Neo Times
Alpacore - Tabula Rasa
Oroboro - Mercury

'how does it come that when we stare, it is when we fail to see
It is just when we start to breath, we feel it's always there

Cuz deeply in the sea there rests
A flare of solid light
Eating all intentions
Neither seeking love
Nor fight

Waking into deepsleep
And to get there
is to be lost

To stop looking
And start writing
Is the chance we've always tossed"
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