Experimenting with arrangements

Warwick Bassmonkey

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OK, so I have built up a stack of parts that all run at the same tempo.

I want to spontaneously play with building an arrangement.

If I had a desk, maybe I could just loop them all and just play with mutes and solo buttons.

But I don't. So I'm wondering how best I can reproduce this way of working in software. I thought about the following but not tried any of them yet.

- putting each wav on a key in Kontakt and triggering them from MIDI keyboard
- i have a cut down version of Ableton Live 2.12 that came bundled with my Novation. Haven't read the manual yet though.

Any advice before I waste time trying the wrong thing? I *hate* wasting time learning things that end up being useless.

M8 u shd try anything whatever the result is, u never know otherwise. U never waste yr time, trust me. The risk to miss good things is very high with such an attitude :grandad:

sorry if I sound too critical saying "such an attitude", my intention here is to give a good piece of advice for your own good, my english can be shit sometimes, need more vocabulary :lol:

Thanks for advice fellas.

Gave Ableton a whirl. Bugger me, it *is* the bollocks.

But, just before it can get interesting:

This version of Live only supports 4 sessions/6 tracks/1 VST .

Arse. :mad:
Ableton is lush and so solid but if I have it instaled on the same machien as logic the rewire stuff makes logic more unstable. I think I would have logic on my desk top for writting the tunes and then (One day) get a good laptop and have Ableton on that for live work.
Dream dream dream.
OK, I've done the sensible thing and got myself version 4. For what it does it's incredible value.

But I've postponed plans to get under the hood of the thing and I'm using Intakt to trigger things right now... which is working out much better than I thought it would. :Smile3:

It's a bit too alien after using Cubase for years.

Let's face it - anything well designed would be alien after that. Ableton's interface is the pinnacle of simplicity. You probably fired Ableton up and sat there scratching your head wondering where all the meaningless tracks and mixer channels have fecked off to.