Top 10 Exposure Productions Top Ten for November 2004


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01.Silicon Sound And Jaia-Oblivion (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
02.Marylin Manson-Tainted Love (Dino Psaras And Friends Bootleg Mix) (Unreleased)
03.Alien Project-Alien Technology (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
04.Orion-Welcome To Reality (Neurobiotic Records)
05.Dino Psaras-Drugs (Crystal Matrix Unreleased)
06.Silicon Sound Featuring Jaia-Passengers (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
07.Wizzy Noise-10 O Clock (Harmonia Records)
08.Polaris Versus Galaktik Wave-Mechanikal Male (Unreleased)
09.Molecular Featuring Lyte-Get In There (Prosper Remix) (Starsound Records Unreleased)
10.Overlap-Party All Night Long (Unreleased)


01)The ultimate morning track ever created.Silicon Sound and Jaia joined their forces and created this 11 minutes and 30 seconds monster tune that will be released in January on Exposure Productions third compilation.

02)Dino and Friends remixing this great song,full psychedelic power and crazy sounds all around.Just massive.

03)Bright new track by Ari The Alien that will be released on Digital Performers on beggining of December.Full on at its best.

04)The best track from Neurobiotic Records latest compilation,psychedelic lectures from Orion,the master himself.

05)Another blasting tune by Dino that will be released on Crystal Matrix next compilation carefully selected by Paul Taylor.Wicked one!

06)Bright new collaboration between Silicon Sound and Jaia,the result is just amazing as usual.Watch out for these guys upcoming project

07)Greek masters at work.Wizzy Noise prove for once more why they are considered to be one of the best groups out there with this unique track.Best tune from Harmonia Records latest compilation.

08)Great collaboration between Arno and Olivier,French power all the way.

09)Great remix to a very nice and atmospheric track,to be released on Starsound Records upcoming compilation Reincarnation.

10)Last but not least Overlap from Russia with their new evolving style,a mixture of Wizzy Noise atmosphere and GMS power.Just great!
Interesting tops!!

Silicon Sound vs Jaia - WoW woould like to hear a bit of that... :sun:

Looking forward to the next exposure compilation!!
I remember the tracklisting was looking hot!! :Wink3:
S'all about the Frech contingent...


Wicked wicked, must go xmas shopping, i'm in for a real treat :rolleyes:
It's frikkin killer innit Vic..

It's so cools these guys are paying us a visit too..


No hee-zee here.. Purely off dee. :Wink3:

I hope this level of quality and collaboration continues..

To the future >>>>>


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I have to say again - The thought of Silicon Sound and Jaia collaborating makes me love PSYtrance again all-over..

This is ALL I'm waiting for. You can bet I'll be remaking it too - Dr. Love stylee..

Event Horizon - hold on to your pants.

Jaia is incredible - Stairway to heaven is just that too..



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