Top 10 Exposure Productions Top Ten for October 2004


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01.Synthetic-Mind Splinter (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
02.Astrix-Poison (Hommega Productions)
03.Dino Psaras Versus Deedrah-Hellraiser (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
04.Juvenile-Tingling Sensations (Spun Records)
05.Space Cat-H2O (Exposure Productions Unreleased)
06.Vatos Locos-Tripmonx (Dragonfly Records)
07.X Dream-The 1st (Solstice Music)
08.GMS-Tweakers (Pixel And Domestic Remix) (Spun Records)
09.Silver Surfers-Mudjaji (Protoculture Remix) (Nano Records)
10.Infected Mushroom-Muse Breaks (Remix) (YoYo Records)


01)An amazing track by Dado's psytech project.Superb production and dark atmospheres in my favorite track for the last month.Cant wait for Synthetic's second album on Solstice Music in the upcoming year.

02)The best track from Astrix's second album Artcore on Hommega Production.A real dancefloor killer and one of the best and most mature tunes by Avi ever.

03)Twisted collaboration between the masters.Dino and Dado deliver us a dancefloor mayhem tune that will be one of the major hits of this year.Parental advisory needed.

04)Another hit by Shanti.Juvenile is one of the hottest names around with his groovy and innovative style.Cant wait for his next album.

05)Bright new tune by Avi Algranati.After the success of his latest album here he comes again with another dancefloor smasher full of melodies and some guitar like sounds.Nothing beats a good Space Cat tune.

06)Tripmonx is the most danceable tune from the Attack And Release album of Vatos Locos on Dragonfly Records earlier this year.Great production and ideas that sets an example of how a psychedelic full on track should be.I just love this one.

07)Bright new album by the legendary German duo,Marcus and Jan,that opens new paths on psychedelic trance music.The 1st is the best track from their new album on Solstice Music and is already a massive hit worldwide.

08)A great remix by Pixel and Domestic on Tweakers tune originally composed by GMS.Great atmosphere and backround sounds plus a groovy rythm all over the track.Much better than the original.

09)Morning glory by the usual suspect Protoculture with this great atmospheric remix.Highly suggested and thumbs up for Nano Records.

10)I am not a big fan of Infected Mushroom but this is a great remix full of innovation and great production as usual.Best track for me from their latest (and probably last) album.
Yeap the second compilation of Exposure Productions named DIGITAL PERFORMERS is scheudled for release before the end of November featuring Astrix,Wizzy Noise,Space Cat,Orion,Altom,Synthetic,Logic Bomb,Alien Project,Silicon Sound and a killer collaboration between Dino Psaras and Deedrah :Smile3:
Totally into:

Vatos Locos-Tripmonx (Dragonfly Records)
GMS-Tweakers (Pixel And Domestic Remix) (Spun Records)

Definetly my favs on those albums, and well looking forward to the new Exposure compilation!! Some tracks on All systems go, r still rockin my dex! :Wink3:
Detox It looks like being better working alone....We think that u r making better work in your own label!
But try to change and some artists if u can!Not the same all the's good for people buying your cds (releases) and hear diffirent artists....
With respect from us................... :smoke:
DIGITAL PERFORMERS - looks like the comp of the Year...

Cant Wait..


"..Turn that shit up, I'm falling asleep around here.."
Thanks for the comments guys.

By the way Predators in my new compilation the only artists that appear there and that also appeared in the first cd are Silicon Sound (who now is featured in a new project along with Jaia),Logic Bomb and Alien Project.

New names are featured in the new cd like Orion,Altom,Wizzy Noise,Dino Psaras,Deedrah,Space Cat,Astrix and Synthetic :Smile3:

I think that you shouldnt 'complain' at least for this subject hehe :Smile3:

In the next cd to be released out in February more new projects are signed like Polaris Versus Galaktik Wave collaboration,Gemini Versus Ion collaboration (new groups from Greece) and more that will be announced soon :Smile3:

P.S Where are your demos guys? :Wink3:
Hey Detox ,i didn't complained for your compilation, i am talking generally about the situation that appears in the last years seeing all the tima the same producers.....Keep up!!!
P.SOur demos are one those that they are interessting!!If u want something from us just contact and ask for it :Wink3:
u r the label ....we r the artists!!

Are you familiar with Harmonia in Greece..? I worked with P.A.N and Protoculture on the first comp..
..I like to keep my Demo's native, but I'll be sending them out if your open...

Jaia and Silicone sound - NOW were talking..


I seriously can't wait for this. You will make a serious impact with this release...

Zaven the owner of Harmonia is one of my best friends and we collaborate together on many levels :Smile3:

If you got something good that you think i should hear please contact me through PM,i am always open to good music and new artists.

Predators the above words are going also to you :Wink3:

By the way i asked your friend Mindphaser a lot of times about you and he promised me a cd with your music but he is such a lazy bastard hehe.
Look Detox,
Mindphaser is a good guy and friend but not responsible for our music.He did the first step and met us but he isn't the right person to manage our music!I hope that u understand that...this is between us and the label (like u) which want some samples or promo from us to hear!!We can talk some time about our music if u want.This is my email (i am Stavros)and send me your telephone to call u if u want to talk.
I think that this is the right way to do,don't u think?
By the way special thanx to Iraklis for helping us all this time with his parties.....with his unique support!!

Dr. Insect (PREDATORS)