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Hello there people!

I would like to share with you the birth of a new Greek based label,Exposure Productions!

The debut release of Exposure Productions is named ALL SYSTEMS GO and will be available for sale worldwide in the first week of June.

All Systems Go features 10 EXCLUSIVE and PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks from the greatest artists of the psychedelic trance scene.Here is the final tracklist!

Exposure Productions - All Systems Go

01.Silicon Sound - Smooth Out 140BPM
Written & Produced by Johannes Reigner @ Silicon Sound Studio,Paris,France.

02.Logic Bomb - Mystery Mirror 145BPM
Written & Produced by Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson @ Twenty Studio,Orebro,Sweden.

03.Bamboo Forest - Si Senor 145BPM
Written & Produced by Stephane Dureisseix and Yann Henaff @ Bamboo Forest Studio,Paris,France.

04.Alien Project - Solar System 145BPM
Written & Produced by Ari Linker @ The Alien Project Studio,Tel Aviv,Israel.

05.Exaile - Funky 145BPM
Written & Produced by Nir Sobol and Eyal Zur @ Exaile Studio,Tel Aviv,Israel.

06.Nomad - Albavoce 144BPM
Written & Produced by Farid Merbouche @ Magic Sofa Studio,Paris,France.

07.Electric Universe - The Essential 144BPM
Written & Produced by Boris Blenn @ Blue Beat Studio,Berlin,Germany.

08.The Antidote - Three Days 143BPM
Written & Produced by Serge Souque @ The Antidote Studio,Ibiza,Spain.

09.Kinetic - Ultraviolet 142BPM
Written & Produced by George Ballas @ Kinetic Studio,Athens,Greece

10.Talamasca And Yuman - Crescendo 138BPM
Written & Produced by Cedric Dasulle and Yuman @ Talamasca Studio,Paris,France.

Compiled by DETOX

Mastering by Volker Konig (Ololiuqui) at D Suite studio www.spiritzone.de

Artwork by Android www.android.net.au

Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP,for more info please mail sales@zmarecords.com

The website of the label www.exposure-productions.net is under construction and will be fully functional in the end of the month.The site will include all info about the label,its future releases,biographies of its artists,contact details and a booking agency that will feature the biggest names of the psy trance scene and that will operate in a worldwide basis.

Next release of Exposure Records is scheudled for September 2004 so if any artists would like to send us demos of their work and collaborate with us then they are more than welcome to do so.

Ready to get Exposed?
Ooooh, looking good! Soon to be in me collection no doubt! :Wink3:
With a track list like that you should shift some units. Looks corking just about everyone that I would want to see on a compilation. The french are out in force!!! :Grin: Good one looking forward to hearing it.
what a start, nice selection of artists there
and I am extra happy that you re from Greece, its time for labels to spread around but keep the quality, good luck
may good fortune be with you :Smile3:
Thanks guys for the good comments and wishes.

Greetings from sunny and beautiful Greece.

Hope to see you around for the Olympics or something like that hehe.

More info about Exposure Productions soon on the official site of the label www.exposure-productions.net

What to be said the compilation I've been waiting for... Maybe this will cure me of my CD buying addiction for a while, because I will be too busy listening to this to buy anything else. It really seems to have bought the best from the artists,
Alien Projects' tune sounds better than his album material for me. It flows really well thru the comp. I would put virtually every track in a mix apart from maybe Antidote.... This and Perception Harmonia has given me enuff mixing material for a while to come!! :Grin: :sun:
Nice to hear that you liked it mate.

Also nice to hear that you liked two latest releases from two new Greek labels :Smile3:

Respect :Smile3:
Crackin Cd fella(s)

tracks 1-2-3-5-7 speshly :Grin:

infact Funky is still growin on me the more i hear it :Smile3: