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I was brought up on jungle and hip-hop but I've been getting into psy-trance since Chichime July 10 of 2004. (Cheers Nik) Loving it more and more.and the atmosphere and the people are the greatest for any music scene: jungle, drum 'n' bass and hip hop are just far too aggressive. The last event I went to was Synergy at seOne on 28 April, and the main reason for me registering was just to say it was the best rave I think I've ever been to.....

Nice one to Nik, Zub Zub and Polaris: You've all made me a Psy-Raver, and I'm looking forward to Sonica and Boom!:ibiggrin:


DJohn Mustard Project
Wahooooo :Grin:

Lovely to see you upon this fine place Mothaz! :hihug:

This man up there is one of my most bestest mates; and one, also, who I feel I have successfully converted to the appreciation of psytrance! :Wink3:

Sonica and Boom will be fantastic, interraving is clearly the only way forward in post A-level life!

Glad you had a good'un at Synergy (I know I did)... day after for you seemed abit hectic though post 'squiggle' hehe :Wink3:

Anyway... soon the all-consuming psy-forum addiction will come! Enjoy it! hehehe *evil laugh*
Welcome! :smoke1: