Fairy girls...

this is the officiall fittest thread in the world.

mmmmmmmmmmm *plots*


:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

me like the fairies.
Not a comment I am unfamiliar with. :mad: But I am 19 so less of the cheeky remarks please. Have some respect.

HAHa. I'll look 30 when i'm 40 though right? :P
yeh dont take notice, some people just dont know how to interact with people...

all good, mr ross tells me we might be stocking some of this lovely stuff...looking forward to it, much talent :Wink3: :Smile3:
:wow: those outfits are wicked but I don't think I they would suit me. As a man I must have wings made from cast iron with an out board motor and weigh more than a troll.
Ra ra ra ra rarrrrr morew power
beautiful outfits..:Smile3:, wish i was a girl...do u think a masculine version is doable??seriously...?

can maybe see me in leather and green tights !!!ok maybe not the tights,im just not very tall u see and me dad still has some winklepickers :Wink3: he,he give it some thought if you will...
oi, Mr.cism you little rascal I got a piccy of you rolling around in a fairy skirt and wings :Wink3:
I'm well up for a mad psy-fairy outfit. Don't know about the wings I think they should remain girl only just coz fairy girls look so gorgous but I'm up for some mad psychedelic outfit. You should have seen me at glade. hehe. How about a UV fractal design pyschedelic gimp suit! It would have to be made of something cool for raving in that wont roast me alive, and have smoking and snorting holes. I'm not joking...

Shit I know what I need... A psychedelic surgeons outfit complete with mask and stethoscope. And on the front it should say 'DoctorJon' and on the back it i should say 'just say aaaarghhh' or 'nil by mouth' or something along those lines. 'Trust me, I'm a doctor!' hahahahaha

wow really beautiful outfits, could you e.mail or PM me prices, i love them. So whats needed, more faeries jumping around the place causing faerie fluff and fun.

luna love

luna lis x

U guys are pathetic :P Slobbering and drooling all over the poor girl...get a grip on urselves! Ur meant to be G-R-O-W-N up...pfft! :P