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God mintsmak
I feel like the guy on the couch.

Spicy Brains!!!! hehe



spicy brains are good with gravy and mash

dave arc-i

i sense the hand of Ott^ in there somewhere........

i present my evidence..........

"I will pledge £10 to a cash prize fund to be awarded to the person who proves Tony Blair is a liar and prompts that PM's removal or resignation as a result, but only if 100,000 other people will too."

— Tim Ireland,

Deadline to sign up by: 1st May 2006
86 people have signed up, 99914 more needed

More details
1. This is not a lottery. It is a game of skill.

2. The winner may, of course, choose to nominate a charity as recipient of the cash prize.

3. Or spend it on a nice home in the country with a shiny new helicopter parked outside.

how many times has he mentioned wanting that helicopter?

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
:ilol: :irofl: :ilol: