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We are very busy with preperations for our forthcoming event - Project Ozma. See the other thread for full event details.

Project Ozma "in search of Tau Ceti"
Saturday 1st May 2004
MASS Nightclub

6pm - 6am (including a pre-club party, the event is split between two wonderful venues, both in Brixton)

The event (if you dont know of it already) focuses on our individual senses, travelling through our experiences, delving into creativity, and trying to present our personalities through multi-media culture.

It brings the global psychedelic music scene and the global VJ community together, uniting them for a journey through ourselves, and into the unknown..

For the event we have a great line up of Vjs from accross the country; Vj's who's styles and techniques have been carefully choosen to represent the style of music, decor, lighting and energies of each space within the venue.

The reason for this email is to ask for your support. We are trying very hard to bring the importance of visual communication to the eyes of as many people as possible.

At Project Ozma our aim is to demonstrate the importance of sight and sound relationships. The main room will focus on our very own crystal visions 3D screen installation and additional multi screen setups. In room two we shall have two individual video installations and a selection of multi screen setups.

We would like to develop room three so that it has a very different and original feel. And this is the area in which we are hoping for peoples help.

We are hoping to produce a visuals showcase for as many pieces of film, animation, vj showreels, vj demos, AV demos, ideas, and talks. We have arranged the room so there will be a section of time dedicated to projecting your favourite pieces of work (which you have produced!). These can include music of your choice, if that is what you want, or music by a dj can be played over the top - if you are into silent movies!

We will need all clips, which should be in DV format, to be with us 2-3 weeks before the event, (any problems with this please ask questions). We will make every endeavour to get the DV tapes back to you - and we will not use them anywhere, apart from the screening at the event. The clips will be made into one large pre-rendered piece to project at the event. This piece will also not be used for anything else in the future.

We have arranged for a person to narrate anything you would like said about the piece. We will create a text intro to each piece to show artists names, the piece's purpose, web links (if any) etc. for the artists who are vj'ing at the event. We also have a huge amount of free space on our new Project Ozma website which will be released in three weeks - on the same day as the main event flyers come out, and the line up is announced!

If you would like to provide us with any piece of work you would like to use in order to present yourselves, we would love to house it, with links to any of your sites etc. Maybe this could be the same as the piece projected in the event?!

For people who are not already booked for the event - but would like to provide / produce a piece for the event - we would love you to come to the event and experience the Project Omza - for your contribution you are automatically on the guest list. We would love to have you all there.

There are no set themes for projections, apart from them having no content that is offensive, racist, or abusive to others. We like to be creative and productive, not destuctive.

The time span given to this idea is dependant on how many people contribute - we already have contributions from a few individual film artists we know in London.

The screening will take place in the chill out room, but please feel free to contribute any style of work. This time will be about cutting edge visuals.

This is a time to show off your best piece and your individual style. If you would like to talk to people about it,we can allocate time for anything you want. The idea and its developent is down to you.

This post has been sent to you with the hope that we can show people what is out there, what is going on, what is revolutionary, and what we all love doing.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon,

Big Smiles

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