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still with my folks, but flat huntin
a nice easy one for you all
i think you can tell a lot about a person from their film likes an dislikes....stay away from peeps who have 'dude wheres my car and scary movie in their top 5!!!!

in no particular order

1. the fisher king
2. 12 monkeys
3. clerks (had to have a kevin smith in there, couldnt decied which one)
4. cube
5. pulp fiction
6. high fidelity
7. requiem for a dream
8. dazed and confused
9. empire records
10. nightmare before christmas

theres shitloads more, gross point blank, jacobs ladder, edward sciccorhands (actually, make that everything tim burton ever made) fight club, fear an loathing in las vegas, lock stock, too many
so whats yours??
Hmm ... may have to watch some of them :Grin:

Other good ones:

- Dusk till Dawn
- Circus
- Millionaire Hotel (?)
- Blade 1
- Momento
** Big fish
** Kill Bill
**Pulp Fiction
**Black Hawk Down
**L-O-T-R Trilogy
**Natural Born Killers
**Donnie Darko
humm today...

1. The ninth configuration

2. Quiet Earth

3. 2001

4. Seven Samurai

5. Lord of the Rings

6. Cypher

7. Minority Report

8. Gross Point Blank

9. Underworld

10. Spinal Tap
jooncoi said:
wiley you bar steward, i aint seen big fish yet :mad:

big fish is really good, one of my recent favourites

watching the new peter pan is recommended too, so purdy :shrooms: :shrooms: :wub:
Fight Club.
The Matrix.
The Commitments
The Terminator.
The Shawshank Redemption.
The Green Mile.
Toy Story 2.
The Empire Strikes Back.
Gladiator - especially 'cos my Dad was in it. :Grin:
Mulholland Drive
Clockwork Orange
Requiem for a Dream
Donnie Darko
Lost In Translation
American beauty
Taxi Driver
Halloween (obviously! thus the avatar)

Got many others but these have been repeated alot. :?
Warwick bassmonkey, you have good taste in films! I can't believe you said the Beatles were shit on a different top 10. Oh well, your opinion! Although you ARE wrong! lol

Faith and smiles, Dave
I think Requiem For a Dream would ween anyone off of anything! especially the UNCUT directors version, thats sure one powerful movie and something everyone has to experience at some point! :o
Some of my fav'e flicks...

* Reservoir Dogs
* The Shawshank Redemption
* Godfather trilogy
* Pulp Fiction
* The Deer Hunter
* Taxi-driver
* Silence Of The Lambs
* Requiem For A Dream
* Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
* Goodfellas
* Jackie Brown
* From Dusk Till Dawn
* One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
* Boogie Nights
* Apocalypse Now
* Star Wars trilogy
* Trainspotting
* Clerks
* Usual Suspects
* Sling Blade
* LOTR: Trilogy
* Fight Club
* The Matrix
* Alien
* Donnie Brascoe
* Desperado
* The Shining
* Seven
* The Big Lebowski
* Fargo
* Being John Malkovich
* Adaptation
* American Beauty
* Memento
* Monty Phyton And The Holy Grail
* Monty Phyton's Life Of Brian
* American History X
* Sleepers
* Kill Bill 1 + 2
* Lost In Translation
* Adaptation
* Mystic River
* Mulholland Drive
* Patton

And many many more... I'm a movie-buff!

good list deathposture
by the way if anyone plays guitar...i urge you to learn 'la cavatina' (the classical guitar piece in deer hunter) its a beautiful piece...i can the first 3 bars!!!!!

oh and the song that antonio plays in desperado with los lobos (moreno de mi corazon) learn that once you've you've gpt real hard skin on the tips of your fingers...unlike me, finger tip blisters arent fun
tweaka said:
oOemmaOo said:
Oh everyones mentioned so many good are some more tho!!

7 years in tibet
Nightmare before christmas
The Wicker Man
City of Lost children
well i havent seen 7 years in tibet, but da others. . . . . yesh :Grin:

hmm, er - existenz, videodrome, last day, beetlejuice, spider, the lost boys, delicatessen, jacobs ladder, dawn of the dead, conan the barbarian. :runsmile:

ooer, hardly seen any of those...although I got called beetlejuice about 15 years ago by my stepdad when a hair colouring experiment went wrong! :Grin: 7 years in Tibet - well it aint the greatest, but it was the film that opened my eyes to the terrible plight of the Tibetians - awful that a film had to do that...but I'm glad something did...
best brad film.......fight club (with the fantatical mr edward norton too)

more for my list
vincent - early tim burton film that he made in college bout a 8 year old kid who wants to be vincent price

o brother where art thou

crossroads (not the britney piece o'shit, a blues film with the karate kid in it)

blues brothers

the fisher king (did i already write that)

dog town a z boys (more of a documentry bout 70's skaters than a film)

the pianist

dancer in the it to the end an try to hold back the tears :sob:
I love Dog Town and Z boys....great docco, I was so close to putting it on me list but its not really a movie...hrm :P :Wink3:
O brother where art thou also great choice :Smile3: