Top 10 films

top ten films sub-question

(again no particular order)
1. blues brothers
2. empire records
3. o brother
4. high fidelity (should also be in top ten films)
5. dazed and confused
6. crossroads (again not the britney version)
7. the matrix (death of a good to comedown to)
8. any tim burton film (danny elfman really is DA MAN)
9. dancer in the dark
10. ermmm, i dunno......human traffic??
uh. that's a tough one.

fight club
dom za vjesanje ("time of the gypsies" I think)
how to kill your neighbour's dog
donnie darko
pitch black
reservoir dogs
pulp fiction
spirited away

+ any movie with edward norton :Smile3:

(no order)

usual suspects
requiem for a dream (and WHAT a soundtrack)
thelma and louise
grease!!! yea!!! -nostalgia all the way.
fear and loathing
fight club
ghost world
tank girl (for sum reason :blink: )
how high :smokingr: silly stoners :lol:
nightmare before xmas
high fidelity
alice in wonderland

and many more..........

cheech & chong
neverending story
fraggle rock dvd
the shining
the birds
mary fucking poppins

phat movie for all dream-bodies :wizard1:

specially ... all of those that are not dreaming the iguana will bite you!!!

really good animation

mm i dont know when i was young i was sacared by the DUMBO hallucination when he was drunk hehe really good.

'hallucinogenic' movies

most 'hallucinogenic' movie-experiences to me:

fear and loathing in las vegas
the butterfly effect
wrong turn
the acid house
waking life
in the mouth of madness
12 monkeys
donny darko
altered states
freddie's dead
killing zoë
stir of echoes
if anyone has the chance check out >>

1 giant leap

screenings at glastonbury festival 2004 (cinema stager / avalon stage)

i highly reckomned this!

its life changing - in many ways!"!#

:sun: :wizard1:

spirited away

someone mentioned it earlier, but it is the perfect sunday morning after film
really really surreal
i bought animatrix the other day...a collection of short anumations that have somethin to do with the matrix, they are fantastic short film and if you dont liek them just buy it for the animation!!!!!!!
and more for my list

the adventures of baron munchauson (or anything terry gillingham made :Grin: )
gross point blank
moulin rouge...makes me :sad:
the jerk
big fish...FINALLY SAW IT
this is SPINAL TAP
blue juice
apocolypse now, redux

theres jus to many great films an i have to little free time to watch em all!!!
Here's resurrecting this one...

Back onto the films themselves.

The following spring to mind (no particular order - too hard to do):

Maltese Falcon
Spirited Away
Withnail & I
Easy Rider
A Clockwork Orange
All the Peter Jackson films (inc. Bad Taste, Heavenly Creatures, LOTR)
The Jeunet films (Amelie, Delicatessen, City of Lost Children)
The 'Name with No Name' Trilogy (esp. The Good the Bad and the Ugly)
Pretty much all the Coen Brothers' films
The Python films (Holy Grail, Life of Brian etc..)

So - definitely agreeing with some of the above!

oOemmaOo - The Wicker Man! Hilarious film - especially the soundtrack!

Hmmm, I thought

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jim Carrey

Was a really trippy to watch in places.

all Monty Python movies, especially 'the Grail'!!!

Amarcord - Fellini
La Vie de Boheme - Kaurismaki
The Man Without a Past - Kaurismaki
Night on Earth - Jarmusch
Mystery Train - Jarmusch
The Time of the Gypsies - Kusturica
C'est arrivé près de chez vous - Belvaux / Bonzel
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Gilliam

The City of Lost Children
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Fight Club
Bubba Ho-Tep
Matchstick Men
The Big Lebowski
Donnie Darko
Butterfly Effect
LOTR 1, 2, 3
Alien Quadrilogy
Being John Malkovich
Sleepy Hollow
Mulholland Drive
shallow grave

vanilla sky

fight club

being john malkovitch


shawshank redemption

city of god

stand by me


withnell and i
12 Monkeys
5th Element
Terminator 2
Blade Runner
Fear & Loathing
Fight Club
Ghost in the Shell
Romeo & Juliet (Luhrman one)
Apocalypse Now Redux
True Romance

To name a few today
Waking Life
Matrix Trilogy
Donnie Darko
Requiem For A Dream
Family Guy series(not really a movie but great dvd set)
Fight Club
A Clockwork Orange
LOTR Trilogy
Anything by Alex Grey
i'm surprised no-one mentioned:-


wow. how cool is that film?